About Me

Welcome to the blog and thanks for visiting! I am Tasha, the blogger behind Lovely Brunette.

I started my blog adventure in May 2015, with the will to share my island discoveries. Blogging was actually for me a form of design therapy, I could play and create without any boundaries and that was such an exciting experience! My first blog post was about a Sunday Brunch (of course!) and it was during the post editing that I knew, that was what I was going to do for a hobby.

The blog took a new turn when I discovered a local designer during late night shopping, after asking if it was possible to take pictures of the shop, I went through the garments, product displays and even under the table to take pictures, like a real adventurer, I was into it! I shared my experience on the blog and the designer shared the post. My first share! I was on cloud 9! This is how I decided to blog for a purpose, reveal the local artisans of our island.

Lovely Brunette stands for 3 values:

You can also choose the journey you wish throughout the blog! If you want to discover local designers, head to Explore & Discover. Looking for a culinary tour, Eat & Drink is your section! I also share my personal thoughts on Thoughts & Muses and be sure to peek in Love & Design, there are some lovely freebies awaiting to be downloaded! I have created 'Creative Ladypreneur', which is a sweet hub for advice and tips. Always handy!

Voila! That is pretty much about me, a coffee connoisseur, brand enthusiast, design junkie and islander to the core! I hope you will enjoy my posts, feel free to comment and share your thoughts!


  1. Love what you're doing with your blog and especially your values - they will certainly take you very, very far. Keep believing and reaching for your dreams, you're one mighty special girl (and I haven't even met you!).

    1. Thank you so much Béa for your lovely words! So happy that blogging got us connected and we will definitely meet over that cup of tea! I do have to say also, Kudos to you for having taken the path of nomad lifestyle. It takes a lot of courage to explore and go on new adventures and you make us travel through your post. From a mighty special girl to another: bravo :)