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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hi lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed the new year celebrations with your loved ones and that you are ready to make waves for 2019!

Thank you all for your support, I can't wait to create even more amazing content for you guys this year. Without further ado, let's dive in this delicious article! Yes, you guessed it right, the 1st article of 2019 is all about tastiness!

I am thrilled to give you an exclusive little tour to MAM(E), a culinary gem crafted with heart by Jacqueline Dalais and her children. Last week we headed to So'Flo located in Floréal. Driving to indulge into the long awaited homemade crepes was our goal for that weekend..and we nailed it, or should I say..ate it!

We were welcomed with bright and luscious greenery. This is what captured my interest when scrolling through the Instagram of MAM(E) - those gorgeous plants hanging from the ceiling. What amazed me was when we reached the restaurant, we realized it was in the food-court of the shopping mall! They had ingeniously created a cocooning area in a food-court. Kudos! Mari Seryer!

We sat and made ourselves comfy while reading through the menu. It was more like a story-telling from Jacqueline Dalais as she introduces passionately the concept of the restaurant. Back in the 1980s she made crepes for her kids in her garage and today MAM(E) embodies the transmission of this love for cooking with nutritious and locally made ingredients.

I have to admit, I felt truly lucky and grateful being able to taste her family cuisine...and little did I know, we were in for a real treat!

I ordered an organic papaya crepe, made with locally sourced cassava flour and bio vanilla. As a drink I indulged in the 'café coco frappé'. My best half had the 'crêpe forestiere' with bechamel sauce, mushroom, cheese and ham. He had a refreshing 'green O juice', a delicious drink made of parsley, kale, apples, pineapples and celery. This was by far, the best crepes we ever tasted. The natural ingredients really made the difference. It was light, flavorsome and yet so simple. 

Arnaud Dalais from CocoUp was present that day and we had a chat about the restaurant. 
Not only the ingredients were locally-sourced but the furniture and decor was also made in Mauritius. It was all about recycling and reusing. For example, the chairs were were seating on were old school chairs! He also showed us the Kefir drink, which I would like to share with you, lovely readers.

Kefir is a fermented drink made from kefir grains. The healthy benefits are astounding. As it is a pro-biotic beverage, it helps to boost the immune system, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, balances the gut flora and aids stress related disorders (just to name a few!). The Kefir is made by Arnaud and available at MAM(E)! I had the pleasure to bring back the strawberry Kefir home for a tasting and I was pleasantly surprised. It was re-invigorating, naturally fizzy and the strawberry infused water was delectable. Thank you Arnaud!

MAM(E) embraces warm-heartedly a healthy lifestyle by promoting naturally sourced ingredients and local 'savoir-faire' traditions from our beautiful island. I couldn't wish for a better way to kick start the blog for 2019!

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