Macramé vision board

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Happy Weekend lovely readers! I truly hope that January has been a gentle month so far for all of you.

For a couple of years now, I have been creating this routine to help me set my intentions for the year. That is, crafting a vision board. You can read about how to manifest your goals and tips to make your vision board become a magnet to make your wildest dreams come true by heading to my previous articles:

This year I wanted my vision board to reflect how I see 2019: more creative, more spontaneous. New Year. New Me. New Vision Board. This is how I came up with the idea to have a macramé vision board and put the canvas aside.

I honestly love how it turned out. It became the focal point of my workspace. I used a driftwood from my backyard and cords that I had for ages in my drawer. Thank you to Theva for inspiring me for this creation, I attended years ago her workshop on how to do basic knots for macramé and I'm glad to have been able to put those newly acquired skills to work!

This year I decided to have a more organic feel to the vision board. Each cord ends up with drifted seashells collected from my walks on the beach of my lovely island. I also re-used old wine & champagne corks as mini planters for artificial flowers to make the wall look more colourful, feminine and (have to admit) pinterest-worthy! I knew those corks would come in handy one day!

A new addition to the vision board would be the daily affirmations that I pin every morning. Last year I gifted myself the affirmation deck of Louise Hay: How to love yourself. There is no better way to start your day then reading those positive affirmations with a cup of coffee.

My vision board actually changes day by day because something that 2018 has taught me was: life happens and we grow through our challenges. I've used a reusable adhesive to hold the printed imagery on the cords. The idea is to make the vision board evolve with me throughout 2019 by pinning new goals and dreams.

I hope you enjoyed this crafty blog post and that this inspires to create your own vision board for 2019!


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    1. Thank you gorgeous! I love how it turned out :) Happy to change my routine for my vision board :)