Indulging at Eat with Fingers

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Hey Lovely readers! How about joining me as I step into this new blog post, in sandy feet and salty water soaked hair?
Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure and it often leads to unplanned paths and amazing discoveries! This is why I always make it a must to have my camera on me. So as to capture those moments and write about my experiences.

Enters the most sought-after restaurant for vegans in Grand-Baie: Eat with Fingers. I was fasting for Thaipoosam Cavadee last week and instead of going for the usual vegetarian street food (roti, curry, know the drill) we decided to head to this restaurant located at chemin vingt-pieds for lunch after a swim at Pereybere.

This was our first time, eating in a vegan restaurant. As we opened the door, we were surrounded by organic decor and macrame wall arts. My hair was salty and my feet was still a little sandy but I felt amazingly comfortable. I said to myself: That was it. I love the vibe of this place.

We were seated and had a long look at their menu. I was so thirsty that I picked up immediately the lemon ice tea cooler. My fiancé (also his first time in a vegan restaurant) went for the detoxify homemade juice. It consisted of orange, carrots, apple, turmeric and ginger.

Honestly it took some time to decide in which dish we would like to dive our forks in! They all seemed delicious, packed with whole full of nutritious goodness. I ordered the 'Goda Goda'. It was a gluten-free dish that included stir-fried carrots, pomegranate, green beans, sun dried tomatoes, peppers, rice and..,wait for it...homemade peanut butter cream! My partner in crime ordered also a gluten-free dish which was oyster mushroom with mashed potatoes, capers, peas and homemade lemon sauce.

They were both scrumptious and savoury! A bowl of stunning flavours. It was refreshing to our tastebuds, to indulge in dishes that we don't usually eat. Now I understand why this vegan gem is called Eat with Fingers, I finished my peanut butter cream and rice in that vibe. 

Should we come again? YES. Should we bring along friends and family? YES! Next time we will heading for breakfast before going to the beach!  

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