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Sunday, September 09, 2018

I fell in love with Bleu de Toi Guest House as soon as I stepped in the patio. Alright, as soon as I saw those gorgeous bougainvillea along those bright blue gates!

This guest house located in the heart of Pereybere is the tropical escapade I have been dreaming of. I was longing for a weekend getaway to clear my mind and restore my hippie soul. Nonetheless to say lovely readers, I found my happy place!

We were welcomed by a smile from the receptionist, a delicious tropical drink and warm rays of light. Birds chirping amidst the high palms, we made our way to our guest room for the weekend. We had the garden deluxe room which gave access to the garden with a cozy cocooning area to relax in the evening. We didn't even unpack our things and yet here we were, picturing ourselves sipping that rosé!

Bleu de Toi is a haven of tranquility. We felt like we were stepping into a friend's house for a stay-over. We were surrounded by beautiful decor with nautical & beach influences and vibrant hippie colours. 

At sunset we enjoyed that long awaited glass of rosé outdoors and dived into deep and hilarious conversations.

The beauty of Bleu de Toi is that it is a bed and breakfast and it invites you to discover the neighborhood. That was our plan the next day. To ditch the car and let it also have it's farnienté moment under the shades and walk along the coastal road of Pereybere.

As a new day unfolded we were blessed to have a sunny morning. We could have our morning walk after all! But first, breakfast! It is the typical breakfast for islanders: fresh fruits, homemade smoothie (totally went bananas over the delicious taste of the banana smoothie!), selection of cereals and jam, the iconic nutella and pastries.

One last sip of coffee and we headed toward the beach. It was approx 9:15 am when we reached Pereybere. So soothing and invigorating listening to the waves and letting your toes sink in the sand.

Not so many know that walking along the beach (to your right) would bring you to the beach of Coin de Mire. My fiancé challenged me and told me that was impossible - well challenge accepted! He admitted defeat after the jaw dropping view we had. No one on the beach, only the boats and the postcard view of Coin de Mire.

If you wish to escape from a busy week or get your inspiration back by working in a outdoorsy ambiance (because yes, free WIFI!), Bleu de Toi will welcome you gates wide open. 

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