Enba Filao, the sandy lunch spot of Le Morne

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Enba Filao (meaning 'under the filao trees') is a local snack restaurant located along the picturesque Le Morne beach, revealing itself within the shades of the filaos trees and bougainvillea flowers.

We made our way to this well-sought after spot for a quick lunch and it didn't disappoint. We were presented with a variety of local delicacies to choose from, including the 'menu du jour' which was written on a black board. As we were discussing about chicken and fish, we perceived from the far right, that they served the Flying Dodo Blonde, which is a local crafted beer.

Needless to say dearest islanders, we ordered the beer before ordering the food. It was refreshing, delicious and perfect to sip while tossing the sand through our toes!

Since we were on the beach, I went for the grilled prawns, served with french fries and salad. The homemade creole sauce was divine and I happily let my fork & knife rest on the table whilst I dived in with my hands and indulge in a seafood frenzy lunch.

My friends ordered the grilled dorado, served also with french fries and salad, however it wasn't as good as the prawns. Enba Filao tip? Head for those grilled prawns!

It was a nice laid back lunch. The location is ideal to unwind and enjoy the view of the turquoise lagoon. The simplicity of the snack restaurant is what makes it so delectable. A gathering for travelers, adventurous locals and the neighborhood.