Riding to French Guinguette

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Hello lovely readers! Are you ready to join me for a ride to the north of the island? I have to warn you though, this blog post will give you serious burger cravings!

Last weekend we headed to Pointe aux Canonniers for a lovely lunch. Actually we made several stops before getting there and reached on time for lunch! We were fortunate to have a sunny weather last Saturday. It was so bright that some of my pictures came out a little hazy but my sunglasses were on top of it's game (having a flawsome moment).

We made our way to this light-hearted restaurant nestled within the high palms of Pointe aux Canonniers. Keep an eye on the trendy rooster beating up the beats with it's headphones! He will show you the spot on the royal road!

French Guinguette has a beautiful atmosphere which is exquisite for a laid-back lunch in the weekend. You just want to kick off your shoes and head to the wooden palette seats to sip a nice cocktail. If you are not an outdoorsy person and prefer to dine indoors well you won't be disappointed. French Guinguette is the epitome of frenchie pubs and the ambiance is unraveling. 

The menu was enticing and there was a lot of decision making to do! I finally went for the original bacon burger. Something that you need to be aware lovely readers, when I cheat on food..I cheat pretty bad! Who can say no to crispy bacon anyway? The homemade beef patty was the size of my fist. Even my fiancĂ© couldn't believe it. The biggest juicy burger we have ever seen...and it was heavenly. 

For the foodies out there, French Guinguette is the place to be!


  1. Indeed it's a foodie place as well the best place to sip exotic cocktails
    Customer service is beyond expectation
    They are welcoming and friendly
    Value for money as the food is yummy and blend of flavours
    Definitely my favourite place to eat in the North of our island
    Bisous bisous