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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Hello lovely readers! Today I decided to dedicated this post to show my support for environmental protection by changing my daily habits and reduce my footprint. 

Spoiler alert, you won't find any tree hugging tips (although I tend to talk to my plants sometimes) or some hippie stereotypes related to eco-friendly mannerism. This is heartfelt article that I decided to pour my feelings into amidst the events that happened recently.

Things only get bad as long as you are willing to let them. Earlier last month I came across this unsettling article about a 'ghost net'. Hundreds of sharks and other marine animals where caught in this human debris, floating along the Caribbean. My heart ached. I felt sick. I was angry. 

Illustration by Lovely Brunette

The worst part is that this wasn't an isolated case. Our intense consumption and disposal of plastic will be leading to having more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Isn't this fact enough to act as a wake up call?

Last month I decided to join the No Straw Movement and take the pledge of using only reusable straws or no straws at all. Thanks to an Instagram follower who reached out to me following a snap I posted and raised awareness about how it was toxic to the environment. You can check out the post here.

Illustration by Lovely Brunette

Being radical in the plastic free lifestyle can be challenging so here are 4 easy steps that you can follow to embark in this journey smoothly.

Opt for reusable cloth shopping bags. Always have those available in your car or tucked in your bag. You never know when those can come in handy! Local supermarkets also proposes recycled paper bags or branded shopping bags. Choose wisely!

Opt for reusable cups for your coffee or tea in the office. I keep my mug on my desk which avoids me using disposable cups daily. And if you are a coffee addict like me, that means skipping 3 disposable cups per day!

Recycle for fun. How about getting creative with amazing DIYs and change your plastic into something functional or artsy? There are amazing videos out there to turn yourself into an inventive eco-warrior! 

Show your support by taking the pledge online and share your initiatives with your friends and family. Spreading the word can be effective in raising awareness about this environmental issue. Stay up to date with the global movement and why not take monthly challenges and share your progress on social media? #PlasticFree


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