My biggest jump ever! Skydiving in Cape Town

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hello lovely readers! I hope you had a nice week and that you are boosted up for the weekend! I'm thrilled to share with you my first article from the #LovelyBrunetteTravels series!

As most of you may already know, I had some weeks off earlier this year. I grasp this opportunity to fly to beautiful Cape Town...but there is something that most of you are not aware of! I am an enthusiast, borderline junkie for wild activities. Those activities that gets your heart pumping and that literally screams for more.

During my trip I discovered that I loved being in sport shoes for those outdoorsy activities and I'm glad that those shoes walked me to a lifetime adventure: my very first skydiving in Cape Town!

I took the plunge with Skydive Cape Town and it was phenomenal. We had a 40 mins ride from our apartment to the hangar. The fieriness was slowly building up in the car, still not realizing that we were actually going to free fall. More precisely free falling for 30 seconds at 200kph!

We had an amazing view of the coast as we were flying to our jump spot. I remember enjoying the view and the buzzing sound of the aircraft engine. I think that my impatience and excitement built up on the fear...until I was smoothly swooped away by my Tandem Master Jason in the sky. Good move! 

I honestly didn't know if my mouth would fall out because I was screaming 'wwwooooaaAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' or if my eyes would pop out because I couldn't actually believe those picturesque views or if my heart would pound out of my chest because darn, this feeling was inexplicable. 

If I had to describe my first skydiving experience in one word, it would be: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious aka extraordinarily good.

I landed smoothly. No surprise here I knew I was heading to the floor. My smile reached my ears and that was my actual face for the next couple of days. 

We headed to the coffee shop Hard Doc Coffee right after we landed..yes caffeine, you found your adrenaline master!

Lovely readers, if you have any lifetime adventures you are daring to experience, on your bucket list is not the place it should be. It should be lived. 

I hope you enjoyed the first article from my travel series. I decided to write about my most cherished adventures and honour individually those people who made it happen. Same as I would have done in Mauritius. So a big thank you to Skydive Cape Town.


  1. I am definitely adding this to my bucketlist <3 <3

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