Road trip to La Cambuse

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hello lovely readers! As promised, here is the last blog post of 2017! What better way to end this beautiful year..than a road trip to the beach!
We usually pack all our things when planning for a summer road trip. It includes food, working on the itinerary, snacks on the go, and the usual beach essentials such as towels, know the drill. Well this time, we took it to the next level!

We decided to make this last road trip of 2017, a celebration to the authentic local food of Mauritius. We worked on our itinerary so as to stop to get some food and drinks and head to our destination for the day: La Cambuse, a wild beach situated on the southeast of the island.

The nearest village from the beach was Mahébourg, the ideal spot to revel on local food and the weekend buzz of the island! It was a Sunday, and the village was buzzing! People cheering on the road, festive outdoor decorations from the shops, fishermen selling their catch of the day. Simply made me happy! Our first stop was the Mahébourg market. We went for a stroll along the stands: local baskets here, spices there, and a colourful area for the food stands: Yup that's what we came for!

Everything you can dream of, from tasty gajaks, fried noodles, dholl puri to refreshing drinks such as alouda, tamarin or lemon water...way to go Mahébourg! We decided to have a taste of everything. The road trip turned into a beach picnic! Heading back to the car, we came across a coconut water stand. Always make time to drink fresh coconut water lovely readers! ALWAYS! 

For the little anecdote, my friend was discussing about how expensive the coconut drink was in Mauritius. I won't mention in this post where it was, but from a local stand in the north, it cost Rs 150! I think the seller heard our jaw dropped and came to us saying: 'Well for Rs 150 I hope the coconut came with a cocktail umbrella!'. Good one Mr Coco! After sharing a laugh together we sipped our way back to the car, Rs 30 the coconut. 

On our way to La Cambuse, we also stopped to the nearest local store to buy disposable cutleries and some crisps. From there we headed to the beach. It was simply amazing. I was awed from this place. Although we are islanders, the sense of wonder we have when discovering beaches in Mauritius is indescribable. I guess this is because each beach around the island is unique.

It was a bright sunny Sunday. The water was crystal blue and the sand..well crystal white! We walked a while looking for the best spot and made our little cocoon for the day. 

The food was delicious, we did taste everything and the alouda was refreshing! You can never go wrong with local delicacies in such a wonderful piece of paradise!

After a very copious beach lunch, I made myself comfy with my new beach roundie (I got it from lovely a woman who just opened her shop in Rose-Hill, called and a travel magazine. The view we had was simply out of this world. We had airplanes taking off, which were pretty close to the beach! Still amazed by those huge babies! I dozed off pretty fast with the sound of the waves and had a well deserved nap. 

Well, that's a wrap! I wish you a happy sandy new year. Thank you everyone for your support in 2017. I hope you enjoyed the articles this year about the island errands, culinary experiences and amazing work from our local artisans. Sea you in 2018 ;)

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