Le Jardin de Beau Vallon

Friday, December 15, 2017

Tucked among the lush tropical gardens of Beau Vallon lies a rustic restaurant, a hidden gem that seems to have been preserved from the city buzz and the trendy interiors. 

Le Jardin de Beau Vallon is a colonial restaurant, a beautifully kept heritage with a table d'hote ambiance. We were warmly welcomed by our host and she suggested that we have a seat on the terrace to enjoy the view. There is beauty in simplicity. Our table was right next to a balustrade that opened to the manicured garden. 

It was hot, very hot. Without second thoughts, we reached out for the drinks menu to quench our thirst. I had my favourite cocktail, an icy minty mojito and my partner in crime had the iconic Phoenix beer. A picture-perfect summer postcard? Definitely!

We were served homemade chili cakes with a tangy sauce as we read the menu. It was offered by our host. When we had lunch at La Belle Creole, we were also served chili cakes. You can read the blog post here. I think it is a 'thing' in Mahébourg! Cultural immersion at it's epitome!

We ordered smoked marlin tartar with lime juice and chives for starters. It seemed refreshing and delicious. Although I have to be honest, my heart was beating from the homemade crab soup. It was so hot that I preferred choosing the wise over the greed! As we waited for the starters to come, I decided to take a stroll in the restaurant. The vintage wooden windows tickled my curiosity and I wanted to know what the interior looked like, and secretly hoping to find antique objects! As I stepped in the restaurant, I felt I was entering a historic house. The wooden flooring made little squeaking noises as I walked around the tables. It bought me back to my childhood!

This restaurant has a timeless charm. Watercolour paintings of Mahébourg on the walls, wooden tables and chairs that kept the authenticity of the place and even age-old table lamp shades that made you feel you were in someone's home.

Back to the table on the terrace, our smoked marlin tartar was beautifully presented, awaiting for the first fork strike! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the dish. Visually it was modern and elegant which was a heavenly contrast with the restaurant's surroundings. 

For the 'plat de résistance', I went for the seafood pizza. I know what you readers are thinking right now. 'Pizza?Seriously?' In my defense, it was so hot that suncream and a summer hat wasn't enough! Although the curries, lamb chops and pastas seemed delectable (and definitely going back there to have my crab soup) I needed to eat something light. So seafood pizza it was! I guess the smoked marlin tartar was so good we decided to stay on seafood as my BF got seafood fricassee with coconut milk and turmericAccompanied with an icy bottle of water which was reinvigorating, we had a flavorsome lunch.

We ended our Thurs-date on a sweet note: chocolate parfait, orange zest, dark chocolate chip with raspberry coulis and meringue. Yummy yummy! After lunch I do recommend to have a walk in the gardens, you get the light breeze and palm shades which is paradise. If you are lucky you can be accompanied by your own 4-pawed guide Leo! The cute little and friendly dachshund of the owner.

Le Jardin de Beau Vallon has all the ingredients to make your journey an epicurean ode to the island's heritage.

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