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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hello lovely readers! I'm so happy to share this new foodie blog post with y'all! (my first y'all - how does that sound?) 2018 is right at our doorstep and you know what that means? Knock knock it is the New Year's resolutions! Most of us will be setting goals for the new year, a bucket list of new adventures or simply creating new habits.

From my side I will be trying to have a healthier lifestyle. This is not about losing weight or being on a dietary quest but just feeling good in my body. Thanks to Neofoods I will be starting my eat good feel good journey before 2018!

I received this gorgeous bag of goodies last week and made an unpacking post which you can see here. I fell in love with the packaging. It is simple, bright with pop of colours and so refreshing! I asked Leo, the manager of the brand what the name meant: ''Neo is the Greek prefix for anything new or young. The name translates exactly what we want to achieve: Provide new, more affordable healthy food products to the Mauritians. On our logo there is a little flower bud above the first ‘O’. It shows that this is the birth of something new!''.

Isn't this amazing? There was no better choice than having Neofoods to start a health-conscious new year! Whilst unpacking the bag I realized that I had the ingredients to create my first smoothie bowl! Those beautifully fruity decorated bowls that invites summer right in your morning treat! I decided to go for a mango smoothie bowl which consisted of mangoes, coconut milk, chia seeds, bananas, kiwis, goji berries and coconut crisps! 

It was flavoursome, sweet and delicious. The goji berries and coconut crisps added a little crunchy that made the smoothie so much more delightful. It took me only 5 mins to prepare the smoothie bowl! Spoiler alert dearest readers because you are going to see more of those smoothie bowls on my Instagram page! If you wish try the recipe, you can get it from here:

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should also try Neofoods:

We now have more than 20 nuts, seeds, dried fruits, flours (all GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN) avaiblabe under the brand name Neofoods

Customers have noticed. Compared to the other imported brands, we are cheaper! Some products are unfortunately a bit premium, but make sure that we are making the best efforts to keep the prices affordable.

We walk the talk as our managers, employees, directors are all passionate about clean-eating, sport and nutrition. We know our stuff and we will keep following the trends and bring you more and more variety.

Even though the raw materials are imported in bulk, everything is packed locally and the cartons, pouches and stickers are Made in Moris! Support local companies by buying our pouches. We are making sure that this will help Mauritian employment.

Our stand-up pouches (that are super practical as they are light weight and resealable) have received an award at the ACA design Festival earlier this year. They have been designed in collaboration by CAPGRAPH agency. 

Neofoods is available in most of the large supermarkets (Super U, Intermart, Food Lovers, Jumbo, a selection of Winners Stores, London Black River, Tangs Way). If you can’t find one of their products you can get in touch with them on social media and they will refer you to the closest store! They are also featured on The prices are the same than in stores, they deliver in 24 hours and are super-efficient. Highly recommended for people with a crazy schedule or who live in remote areas of the island with few large stores.

I would love try out new recipes with those products so if you wish to have your recipe featured on the blog, drop me an e-mail or reach me on social media and let's cook some healthy dishes together!

I will be ending this blog post with a beautiful quote from the Leo, the manager of Neofood: ''Every day, my wife Laetitia (who runs our social media) and myself are astonished and overwhelmed by the support we get on social media. Our followers are AMAZING in their loyalty, kindness, creativity and photography skills. As a manager, it really puts a spring in my step of having such loyal customers. You rock guys!''

Get in touch with Neofoods:
Instagram: @neofoodsmauritius

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