Artsy tour in the streets of Port-Louis

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Hello lovely readers! Last week I invited you to vote on the next blog post. Throwback to that post right here. I want to take a moment to thank you all for your votes, suggestions and positive thoughts! I'm utterly grateful to have amazing readers (yes you!) reading and sharing your thoughts about the posts on my blog. Explore and Discover won the poll, with Weekend Getaway not far behind! I'm glad you participated in this fun interaction and I hope this new blog post will give you some serious city wanderlust!

The city of Port-Louis has become an artsy scene opening us to a wild imagination and the will to stop in the streets to gaze the imprint left by local and international artists during the previous PORLWI editions. With the free digital map concocted by My Moris, sandals in feet and camera in hand, I headed to our city for a guided street art tour!

A beautiful and sleek illustration depicting nature and togetherness. I simply love the patterns and various elements of nature in this mural that seems to unify with one another. A lovely reminder to be kind to everything that lives. Artist: Frau Isa

A stitched heart still pumping love. How do you feel about this one? A little yellow heart contrasting wildly with it's environment on a clear white wall. I couldn't stop hearing the lyrics of Sia in my mind when looking at this street art: Don't give up, I won't give up, don't give up, no no no. Artist: Gael Froget

Now that is a huge fish bowl! Did you know that the Koi fish in the Chinese culture is associated with good luck and good fortune? It also represents perseverance in adversity. A very well thought of illustration to be placed in China Town! Artist: RYMD

This one is my favourite, and when I read about the story behind the mural art, it made me love it even more. I was captured by the finesse, details and colours on this immense wall. The artist took 10 days to have this wall painted! It is an emotional tribute to her 1st street art that was destroyed during a flood. This work of art left me speechless. Those are several illustrations of gods and poems depicted on the wall. A special thank you to My Moris who share the stories of all the street artists on their app. Artist: Wenna

Beating all the stereotypes of women is this gorgeous pink lady! She is curvy, has hair on her legs and smiles the hell out of it! First we conquer the wall, then we conquer the mindsets! Love the freedom and positive message attach to this street art. Artist: Floe

This urban abstract art is known to be the biggest ever painted in Mauritius. Strokes of bold colours and other materials were used to create this conceptual art. The fact that it is unconventional makes it stand out with the architecture of the surrounding buildings. I was lucky here to capture the sunlight! Artist: Quintessenz 

A minimalist mural art composed with black lines. It reminds me of Leonard da Vinci sketches as it has an anatomical feeling to it. The geometrical shapes creates the perfect balance, to my point of view. What do you think? Digging deep I suppose that fundamental purpose of the human being is...nature? To be honest here, I never stared so much at a street art before! That one left me confident and perplex at the same time! Artist: The Primative

When there are more trees painted on the walls then rooted in the city, that stirs up something. Makes you think about the impact we have on nature and how it is essential to preserve it. Integrating nature in city development is imperative for an ecological balance. I admire the artist's thought provoking art, including doors within the nature that opens to 'Nou La Vil' - Our City. Arist: Kicksoz

The eyes tell more than words would ever say! Do you see (pun intended) the diversity of each eye on this wall? Beautiful isn't it? Hold the vision and trust the process! Artist: Dévid 

A vibrant city illustrated in the iconic style of a local artist! From the clothing lines along the windows (funny t-shirt saying I Love PL - can you find it?) the always connected people walking with their mobiles, people driving full speed or simply an ice-cream vendor: this mural art is AMAZING. Artist: Evan Sohun

The punk bunny! Contrasting with the rusty and green door makes the rabbit feel rebellious and bold! Not the usual 'What up Doc?' but I totally dig this little fellow! Artist: Picar

We can never go wrong with simplicity. Contrasting mandala designs and patterns on a black wall makes the abandoned surroundings lively again. Artist: Lekshailee

A very strong wall art, illustrated with the existing bars which depicts confinement. Little anecdote, the window was already filled in concrete with the bars. That is why the artist chose this wall for his art. That reminds me of a book of Maya Angelou, 'I know why the caged bird sings': 'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you'. Artist: Seth

All in all you're just another bunny in the wall...! Another bunny in the streets of Port-Louis! Seems like a sad rabbit though, floating like a capsule away from the world. Artist: Picar

The astronaut and the kid, looking towards a street art, thinking about the future. The fact that the astronaut is wearing only one shoe makes it even more interesting! Come on kid, let me show you the world and let your dreams take flight. Artist: Armand Gachet

The iconic urban buildings united on one wall. The colonial architecture at the bottom and the contemporary constructions on top. Simply beautiful. An amazing piece of art in black and white which contrasts with the surroundings. Artist: Brian Lamoureux 

The last street art of this blog post, ending my wanderings in the city on a bright and colourful note. A collection of objects that triggers your curiosity. How many objects can you see in this illustration? Artist: 44 Flavours

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you wish to explore the city of Port-louis and discover the street arts, head to  My Moris and download the street map! It will guide you to the artsy spots and unveil the creative cityscapes.


  1. Amazing! Makes me wanna roam around the streets of Port Louis!

    1. Thank you for your feedback SadiiLuna :) I highly recommend to have a tour in Port-louis to discover those gems, and why not go full on and eat local street food too ;)

  2. Hello Lovely Brunette :)
    Thank you for the article, your pics depict pretty well the splash of colour that these murals add to the ever amazing Port Louis!
    Oh and both bunnies were painted by Picar!

    1. Hi Yianna! Thanks to you for reading and taking the time to leave a comment on the blog :) I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, I had such a blast taking snaps in the city streets! Awesome for the bunnies! Thank you, will update the post xxx

  3. Glad you enjoyed our map! We are so happy to see that curious and adventurous people are using it! Next time, we take you for a historical and culinary tour of Port-Louis :)

    1. Hello Shakti, it has been awesome to plan the tour from the map. Thank you guys for putting this together, makes it so much easier to discover the street arts! I'm definitely in for other exciting tours by My Moris :)