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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Some people look for beautiful places, others makes a place beautiful. This new blog post will awake your interior designer persona!

Make sure to visit the new pop up store on the island! If you love interior decoration or simply just want to revamp your home with statement pieces, Little Nomad got it all covered. 

This lovely pop up store is situated at the Mont Choisy Mall and the concept is so very well thought of! Rachel, the woman behind Little Nomad travels abroad and brings back home decor products and beautiful furnitures. This is the 1st interior pop up store in Mauritius! And what makes it unique is that each of her travels reflects the theme of the concept store.

For the first edition you will discover modern and trendy pieces, vintage furnitures and funky items. It is like a glossy interior magazine coming into real life as you set foot in the store!

The idea of having those items is that you can create your own universe. Buy a table here, take a wall art there, add a funky indie carpet and voila! A workspace created all by yourself! Isn't this amazing? 

Calling to all home decor enthusiasts, here are the top 5 reasons why you should head to Little Nomad:

1. Unbeatable prices. That is a factor that just made my mouth drop! The furnitures are affordable and if you already know what you want, you could just walk out with products that will liven up your home. Rachel highlights that it was based on her experience, looking for furnitures can be difficult, it may not be suited to your personal taste or may be way too expensive. Little Nomad is all about offering affordable interior items. A little tip, watch out for the spots on the price label. This means that they are already sold. My heart was broken several times! Damn spots!

2. Capsule Collection. This is how she calls the products in-store. A few essential products that are timeless and reflects her travels. For the launching of her pop-up store she visited China. The items of the pop-up store are modern, minimalist with funky colours and there are also vintage pieces.

3. Unique products. Me: 'Hi, how much for the sofa' ? Shop Assistant: 'I'm sorry we sell only the set'. Me: 'But I want only that sofa'. Shop Assistant: 'It is sold with the other 4 sofas.' Have you ever experienced this situation walking in a furniture shop? If yes, then Little Nomad is heaven on earth. You get to buy unique products and not the whole set! You can finally get a statement chair or contemporary table you always wished for!

4. Little Nomad is ephemeral. The pop-up store is now at Mont Choisy Mall and will be opened until the end of October. The next edition will be in another location in Mauritius and highlight another theme from her travels. How genius is that? You can follow her nomadic journey here

5. Supporting the dream. Show some love and support the passionate Mauritian behind this amazing concept! You can get in touch via email on or on 5 714 31 84 and even check her Facebook page here:

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  1. Oh my word! I love nearly everything on the pictures you took from that interior decor shop! And I'm not saying this because I might be biased with the name Nomad :) hehe. I love that there are options on the island, and this screams "BUY US" so I'll definitely be checking it out when I'm back. Oh and gives me the perfect reason to go to Mont Choisy Mall (never actually set foot there). Great blogpost as usual, Tasha. xx