Weekend Getaway at Chantauvent

Sunday, September 24, 2017

When was the last time you actually disconnected yourself from social media? Follow my sandy footsteps to this new blog post as I step into a no hashtag and no tweet zone! A weekend getaway to the wild south to unplug from the world and refill in good vibes.

I can't believe that this was my first weekend getaway in the year, and we are already knocking on October's door. Life can get pretty busy very quickly and we often tend to forget that there is more to our 9 to 5 week of responsibilities and deadlines. 

I suppose beautiful things happen when you least expect it. That was the mood we were in, discovering a hidden gem for the weekend and having the clear turquoise lagoon of Pointe D'Esny as a welcome to a great weekend. The Chantauvent Guest House situated near the vibrant village of Mahebourg was our point of anchor for 2 days of relaxation. 

As we headed to our check-in which was made right on the patio on the beach, it felt like my shoulders got lighter. A sense of tranquility and amazement settled in and I couldn't stop telling to myself: why don't we do that more often? 

Sipping fresh mango juice while my friends had coffee (we actually had a delicious meal from Les Copains D'Abord before heading to Chantauvent, you can read the blog post here) we were in such a beautiful place and were grateful for it. 

I have to admit that unplugging from the internet wasn't the goal for this weekend getaway. After our check-in we were showed to our room for our stay, it was an authentic family villa with direct access to the pool and a private terrace...with very very very low WIFI. After unpacking and getting ready to have a sundowner on the terrace, I took 20 - 30 minutes trying to get a connection. 

I got frustrated about how low the WIFI was and that I couldn't access my social media to have the 'perfect hello weekend' picture posted. That was when it hit me. Like a gigantic slap on the face. How could I feel such a thing when I am barefoot in my swimwear having a beer in the most gorgeous guest house with a pool under the palms?

Internet is very alluring. We share our thoughts, create connections and cultivate relationships from online communities...but do we really live in the present moment? It led me to saying out loud: 'why bother, no WIFI, no problem'. Had my phone down on the table and hold my drink instead for the rest of the evening.

Chantauvent is the perfect place to relax. During breakfast we discovered the family portraits on the wall next to the buffet. It was beautiful to stay in a place that was once a family home. It has that charming ambiance attached to it and you feel you entered a haven of peace. Long walks on the beach are highly recommended. It is a wild coastal treasure and the dark volcanic rocks makes it an adventure every step of the way.

For those seeking a weekend of rest and tranquility or just to reconnect with what matters the most, Chantauvent is the place to be. Breathe in, breathe out and just be.


  1. I am digging the vibes of this guest house, but more importantly: I TOTALLY relate with that "slap in the face" moment. It does take some courage and work to just disconnect yourself from the net, and... work and just let yourself live for a few moments, but it is definitely worth it! Also, the time spent with loved ones is only more precious for sharing undivided attention and sheer enjoyment!

    1. Hi Camille, I'm so happy to read that you enjoyed the post and that you can totally relate to the situation! Since the blog post I realized how important it was to nuture life away from the screen. I guess it is all about creating the right balance. Unplugging will be my motto for 2018 :) xxx

  2. wish to visit too to unwind. Is there A fb page or website?

    1. Hey Chamilla :) I dropped the Facebook page & website below:


      Enjoy your stay in paradise :)

  3. This is such a lovely blog post about Chantauvent Guesthouse. It is my husband's grandmother's place. It is a family treasure, and we love spending our weekends there! Thank you for sharing it and hope to meet you there some day! xxxJasmine

    1. Hello Jasmine! Oh my god, thank you for reaching out and commenting on the blog post! It was a beautiful experience and the vibes of the guesthouse was simply uplifting. I'm glad you enjoyed the article and I will definitely be back xxx