Gourmet escapade at Les Copains d'Abord

Monday, September 04, 2017

Tucked under the palms facing the magnificent landmark of Mahébourg, lies a little restaurant. A bright blue roof, wooden outdoor tables and a blackboard sign can be seen from afar: Les Copains d'Abord. 

A seafront restaurant with a beautiful view of the lion mountain. Authentic, local and iconic. We were welcomed with the genuine smile of the waitress who took care of us throughout our little foodie experience! The floral display added a tropical touch with the handmade trunk place-mats. I was re-discovering paradise again.

Les Copains d'Abord means 'Friends First'. The restaurant reflected perfectly this ambience! The waitress set the mood right in by placing us under the shades of the emblematic badamier tree, where we had the view of the Mouchoir Rouge island and the Lion mountain. Fans of the Big Bang Theory would join me here...if Sheldon booked that restaurant he would screamed 'that's my spot'! 

My favourite cocktail, as you may have already guessed from my previous blog posts, is the mojito! Well this time I decided to embrace this sunny day and tasted their signature cocktail: Copain. It was invigorating, sweet and fruity. With the scent of the Frangipani on the glass, I fell in love at the first sip! We had tasty garlic bread which was offered by the restaurant. It was ideal to have a bite and reading through the menu. 

As starters we went for the usual crispy calamari and tasted a new dish: deer croquettes. It was amazingly savoury! A true local delicacy that I highly recommend. For the main course (after several page flipping trying to decide what to eat) I took the seafood pasta. 'Mes Copains' ordered a steak, magret de canard, roasted wild boar and deer curry. A real feast for the eyes and the taste buds!

We were in for a real treat. Only the sound of forks on the plate and the 'hmmm can I taste yours?' could be heard at our table! We each had a bite of each other's plate. What made it more memorable was the beautiful atmosphere of the neighborhood we were witnessing during our lunch. At our far right we had locals sitting under a tree, having a chat. On the waterfront there was a man cleaning his catch of the day while people were riding bicycles along the path that was in-front of our table.

After the delicious lunch and our heartfelt thanks extended to the chef and his team, we decided to have hot drinks to help us cope with the feast! I took a mint tea infusion, it was perfect after this rich and tasty lunch.

We had a taste of their homemade rum arrangé which was offered by the restaurant. We raised our shots and drank to a beautiful day spent with beautiful people.