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Friday, August 04, 2017

Cheers to the first blog post of August! We are getting back to the Creative Ladypreneur series and getting our summer vibes on with Caroline! It's been quite frisky and windy this week but do not worry, this post has all the ingredients to create a tropical and sunny state of mind!

Our creative ladypreneur was formerly a digital project manager in France and then in Mauritius. She recently moved to Reunion island with her boyfriend and this new journey allowed her to seize her dream: becoming an entrepreneur. Here is the inspiring story of Caroline, or how to ditch your full time job, adjust your sails and head to the life you dream of!

1. Have you always been captivated in swimwear and fashion?

I worked as a digital project manager for 4 years in France and then in Mauritius a few months with the agency Extension Interactive (which manages my e-shop today!). I then worked as a store manager. From there you may already have a hint that my first job was far from fashion and even more from the universe of the swim suit! I am lucky to be accompanied by quality suppliers for the making of my brand (yes my products is a 'Made in Moris brand') who listened to my ideas and advised me. We have established a true relationship of trust with these different providers and I learned a lot from them and I continue to learn every day!

Photo credit: LDS Photographie / Model: Marion & Nastasia

2. How did the idea of creating your own swimwear brand came up?

My job experience took place in a women's lingerie and fashion store offering some swimming suits. It is actually a French company that ships products to Reunion island. I realized that we were out of swimming suits almost 6 months of the year, even though it was winter, the demand remained strong. From there, I researched on the swimwear market and discovered that the offer was low and most of the products were expensive in shops. Based on those observations, I took the leap and decided to launch my brand.

Photo credit: @paris_lareunion
3. What is the favourite item in your collection and why?

My favorite item in the collection is the triangle model. A lovely piece that is truly representative of my collection: sportswear, trendy and cool. I love the palm green colour with the low nude, it's pure lines, light embroidery and a little knot for a pretty feminine touch. It is all in the details! And guess what? It is one of our best sellers! Click here to have a peak! 

4. What inspired you to create your small biz and become an entrepreneur?

My father is an entrepreneur and I think that was the starting point for me. Despite the number of hours spent at work, the stress and challenges... you reap the rewards of your work and it is for me the ultimate reward. I am speaking not only from a financial point of view but also from the point of view of human relationships. When you create a product that is good and that pleases your customers or building good relationships with collaborators and suppliers, you immediately reap this "recognition". In my former business, my mission was to implement digital communication actions to help companies achieve visibility goals and notoriety. I wanted to take advantage of all this experience of project management and put my skills to work on my biz too.

5. Describe a typical day at Summerwaves

I start my day by catching up on my social networks and reading emails. Then I look for the picture that I will post on social media. I try to vary: photo template, photo product, blog article...I will then respond to my various emails and do some background work. I would finish the morning preparing my parcels and head to the post office to ship them. My mornings are almost identical but the rest of the day varies enormously. I can meet other creators to organize joint sales or meet providers (photographers, models...) to organize shootings. The afternoons vary according to the projects of the moment. On weekends (about every 15 days) I am present on Saturday or Sunday on a private sale. All day, I am physically present in a place to present and sell my products.

Photo credit: @paris_lareunion
6. Tell us a little more about yourself, the girl behind Summerwaves

I am 27 years old and I come from a small town in the south of Nantes in France. After a few months spent in Mauritius, I arrived in November 2015 in Reunion island with my boyfriend. We live in the west of Reunion where we enjoy a lot. I love fashion, the world of digital communication, I love to write and I love to meet other creators to discover their journey. I am not very patient and I do not like to be bored! This new entrepreneur life allows freedom and space to let my wildest ideas and desires bloom!

7. How can we contact you if we wish to purchase your creations?

The products are available for sale online on my website on We are of course delivering to Mauritius. Do feel free to reach out if you have any questions before the purchase. You can get in touch via my social media networks or by email on

Photo credit: LDS Photographie / Model: Marion
8. As islanders we have our share of bikinis and swimwear! What makes your brand stand out?

The essence of Summerwaves is in 4 brand pillars which is:

1. Design (sportswear, trendy and cool)
2. Quality (high quality Italian fabric and fully lined jerseys)
3. Price (quality swimsuit for an attractive budget)
4. Adaptability (you can create you own swimwear depending on the size or the style)

9. Finally, a word of advice for girls in Mauritius who wishes to pursue their passion.

Surround yourself with meaningful connections! Take the time to build trusting and honest relationships with your suppliers, employees and especially your customers. Human relationships are essential to start a project on a good foot. Never neglect this aspect!

Photo credit: LDS Photographie / Model: Nastasia

If you want to discover the products of Caroline, this is your chance! She will be hosting a private sales at R Beach Club and you may stand a chance to win one of her products! Head to her page for more details! Show some love and get ready for a colourful and daring summer with Summerwaves!

Click here if you are want cocktails and a private swimwear sales: Summerwaves In Mauritius or head to her page to see her collection:



  1. Love this post!

  2. What a lovely post that makes me want to go back to the days where I was in Mauritius on the beach! Great to know more about this brand and also the ladypreneur behind it.

    1. Thank you Béa for your comment. We are getting ready to welcome the summer back on the island! But first I'm going to grab that beach bag! Caroline reflects perfectly the entrepreneur's dream :)

  3. An inspiring story, and awesome swimwear! Good idea to get our summer wardrobe going in advance :)

    1. Thank you Camille! An inspiring story indeed! I hope you can make it for the private event to be held at the R Beach Club soon :)

  4. Zebulon Zebulon8 August 2017 at 03:34

    Great brand that i like so much even though i haven't my piece. I need two of them : one piece blue and bikini "under the palmtrees".
    Your blog is really cool girl. Keep going.

    Kiss from @tropicalblondiestory on Instagram

    1. Thank you for your comment darl! I appreciate that a lot :) Glad you enjoy my blog and this article. The bikini 'under the palm trees' is our summer goals for islanders although I have a serious crush for the 'under the palm trees' bag! xxxx Tasha