Oh my crepe!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How about a little trip to Brittany where you could savour delicious and authentic homemade crepes? Look no further! Mam Gouz sets the table and the spirits high to make you soak in a unique provincial ambiance!

Situated along the coastal road of Riviere Noire, Mam Gouz stands out beautifully as a hearty restaurant. When provincial and nautical decor meets with the aroma of salted butter caramel, you know a journey of savoury experiences awaits.

'Mam Gouz' actually means Grandmother. I found out about the definition days after our lunch at the restaurant and it reflected perfectly the day we had. Simple food ending in memorable moments, lovely interior that revealed the essence of their roots.

To be fully in the moment, we decided to taste the typical Breton drinks, which is Kir and Cider. I had the signature cocktail 'Kir Mam Gouz' which is white wine and caramel. I knew I loved wine, now I love it even more! It was delectable. This drink goes right in my top 5 cocktails!

Here is a lovely advice I would like to share with you readers: when you head to a creperie, go full on with the crepes! I had 'La Pimpolaise' for lunch which was smoked salmon, lemon cream, fresh herbs and lettuce. My friends tasted 'La Dounarneniste' (egg, ham, cheese and creamy mushrooms) and La Carhaisienne (chicken and creamy mushrooms). No voices could be heard, only the sound of forks and 'hmmmm' melodies were at the table. Yes, it was that good!

The beauty of this restaurant is that you are invited to taste the iconic Breton dishes. Do not hesitate to take the ride and try new flavours. For dessert I had the salted butter caramel crepe and we each had a fork full of the typical Breton pastry, which is the 'Kouign Amann'. A crusted caramelized buttery cake. A sweet ending to a beautiful beginning! 

Wherever you go readers, be fully in the moment and appreciate the little things, like a delicious crepe on a sunny day!


  1. Nice post, but do you mean Brittany? Breton is an adjective, not a noun. Just a small typo :)

    1. Thank you very much for notifying me :) Typo updates done! xxx