Winederlust - Wine Festival

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Last weekend we had a winederlust vibe. A strong desire to drink wines from around the world. Alright, a strong desire to discover the various wines that local wine shops have to offer in Mauritius. Ok, just a strong desire to drink wine!

That winederlust vibe led us to the Caudan Waterfront, which held the first Wine Festival of the island! Sip sip hurray! The wine festival organized by Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel was a beautiful opportunity for wine lovers to savour various flavours and I rescued Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay trapped in bottles!

Saturday evening, glass in hand and discovering wines through lovely tasting while listening to live music. How blissful! The Caudan Waterfront had a beautiful ambience, a cheerful gathering among connoisseurs and amateurs having a good time. We took a seat at the Sunset Café for dinner, so as to make the most of the live music. We had pizza, pasta and burgers, with wine of course!

For dessert, the grand finale, we went back to the wine stands and treated ourselves to the 'Nectar Wines' from Nicolas. Perfect pairing with chocolate crepes! Chilled rosé and crepes, wine not!

Two wines did actually stand out during the wine tasting, and I highly recommend you to try! 

Beronia Rioja Reserva 2012, my favourite from the wine festival. Deep ruby coloured wine that would make other precious stones jealous! Hints of cinnamon and oak. Dense and sweet. This wine will make you a wine enthusiast. The more you drink it, the more enthusiast you will become!

Copains comme Cochons 2013. I admit, I was attracted to the wine label. How could you not be curious to taste a rosé literally called 'Friends like Pigs'! Beautifully surprised with the fruity aroma and how smooth it was.

Until next time, will surely bring along my glass of wine which was included in the wine tasting package! Chin chin lovely readers!

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