Authentic snack bus at Bel Ombre

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Along the coast of Bel Ombre lies a vintage local bus. A bus that has been refurbished to become a snack bus. Yes, a snack bus! A quirky little snack that immerses itself beautifully within the surroundings of Bel Ombre.

The snack bus invites you to re-discover the iconic dishes of Mauritius such as mine bouille, mine frit, curry and haleem. We were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Goburdhun, the lady behind this beautiful concept. 

As we made our way to our seats, we couldn't help but notice the simplicity of the interior. The bus was kept in it's original state and it gave an authentic vibe to the whole experience. Not only can you have lunch in a bus, you can also enjoy the beach view and the waves of Bel Ombre from your seat! 

While we were asking about the menu and the drinks, Mr & Mrs Goburdhun casually told us to look in the fridge and help ourselves. We felt like home. The ambiance was genuine and the service reflected their personality. So here we were looking in the fridge for our drinks while they were cooking our meals for lunch.

We tasted all the meals available on that day, and for the first time I had mine bouille with coco chutney. It was delicious! Homemade recipes to savour in a bus with beautiful people, what can you possibly ask more!

I invite you to discover this exquisite snack bus during your adventures at Bel Ombre, definitely something to add to your bucket list.


  1. Thanks Tasha, will definitely try this. Looks so nice! :)

    1. It is indeed worth the ride! Let me know how you find it :) I will definitely go back for a good mine bouille :)