Quick bite at Dalon

Thursday, May 11, 2017

It was a hot, sunny and summery Saturday. Well actually, nothing different than other days in Mauritius! Strolling through Port-Louis when the sun is at it's peak may not be the best idea. Note to self, even if you are not at the beach, hold on to your sunscreen! 

Thirsty and hungry, I decided to eat somewhere new, away from the buzzing Caudan Waterfront. This is how I discovered Dalon. I already knew there was one restaurant in Port-Louis and in Grand-Baie but I actually never thought of eating there. Guess when we are stuck to a routine we do not expand our horizon to new possibilities, or in my case, when we are just plain hungry!

So there I was, after a 7-10 min walk from Caudan Waterfront, at Dalon. A little restaurant situated in Medine Mews, unconventional but beautifully original. The decor of the restaurant was authentically whismical and it reflected in the menu. We went for refreshing drinks to quench our thirst. I took the homemade citronella and honey ice tea and tasted 'Grand-mere' (fresh juice made of orange, apple, beetroot and apple) and 'Aime ta femme ou ton mari' (orange, carrot and ginger). Simply delicious. Served in the retro tin glasses that reminded us of our childhood, it kept our drinks chilled and fun!

For lunch I tasted their pizzas and went for the 'L'Enchanteur' (tomato, mozzarella, marlin, onions, asparagus, origan and creme). This was seriously, one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. It was a thin crust pizza but the ingredients were bountiful. I actually left my knife and fork and ate my pizza wholeheartedly with my hands.

You may want to take the time to read the menu. There are some fun appellations in there such as pizza sounouk, the debab (kebab dalon style).

I enjoyed my lunch there and the convivial atmosphere. We had one last surprise before leaving the restaurant, it was the take away foiling package. Can you imagine there is a pizza in this? You can actually hold on to it freely while walking! Genius!

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