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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Happy Friday lovely readers! I hope your week was smooth and that you achieved your goals! Now sit back and get ready to be inspired! I am happy to share with you on this beautiful month (Women's History Month) a new blog post about the Creative Ladypreneur series!

This is the story of Cynthia, the perfect example of changing a passion to a side less than 3 months! 1 of the essential rules of becoming an entrepreneur is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. To propose something fresh, new and daring. Well ladies, she found her mojo! Or should I say, mandala mojos! And better yet, she is transforming it into a small biz. 

1. How did you came up with Cyn_Mandala for your brand name?

Cyn_Mandala came up when creating my Instagram account... Cyn for Cynthia. Now I want to take this further, I developed my brand and it is now called Mo'Mandala. Which means My Mandala translated from our island's mother tongue. My facebook page is also live of as Mo'Mandala.

2. Have you always been passionate about doodling?

As far as I remember, yes! I still see my college books and notebooks full of doodles... Truly annoying for my parents and teachers! I did pause for a little, then it all started when I needed to escape and let my mind run wild and free through illustrations and sketches.


3. How did the idea of creating pebble art came up?

Doodles on all sorts of paper type (books, papers, newspapers, etc) leaded to searching on the Internet for all sorts of different ways of making the mandalas more special and unique. I discovered pebble art on Pinterest and Instagram. That was really intriguing because of the patience and details you have to put on a not-so-easy material. I liked it for the difficulty and for how unique the result actually came out to be.

4. What is the illustration you like to create more?

I am fascinated by details... the more there are, the more I enjoy it. I am very spontaneous in my drawings and in the choice of patterns. But circles are definitely the base of my drawings, I often do them free handed. 

5. What inspired to create your small biz?

Small business helps to keep the head out of the water, for sure! Though I must say having a business was not on my mind. Friends and family were the ones who kept encouraging me to start selling my art.

6. Describe a typical day when you create pebble art

I am a night bird! And I also have a full time gig. When I get home after working hours, I relax, shower, eat and create until Morpheus takes me into his arms.

7. Tell us a little more about yourself, the girl behind Mo'Mandala

Well I can define myself in words! 30 yrs old - married - dreamer - inked - chocolate lover - passionate - Pisces and creative.

8. How can we contact you if we wish to purchase your creations?

Instagram: @cyn_mandala
Facebook: Mo'Mandala or my private page: Cynthia Tong 


9. Creating illustrations on pebbles is rather a unique art. What are the materials you use to create them?

Secret! If I tell you, I'll have to kill you ;) LOL. Paint and acrylic markers for most. Acrylic markers makes the illustrations more defined in details. 

10. Finally, a word of advice for girls in Mauritius who wishes to pursue their passion. 

Go for it! Do not over-think and ask yourself too many questions. 


How inspiring and fascinating is that? You can have those unique and illustrated pebbles in your interior, it can help you create a zen space for your room (Think that will be my next project!). Mo'Mandala is also a great idea for personalized gifts! And just when you thought it couldn't get better than that...Cynthia, that talented soul, can draw on any other supports too! Imagine mandala bottles, mobile cases, mural art or even a tote bag! 

I had the pleasure to meet her around, you may guess, a chilled mojito! And I can say that she is a keeper. A determined and passionate lady that decided to turn the wind to her favour and sail towards an ingenious journey of entrepreneurship. You go girl!

Time to show some support lovely readers! Head to my Facebook page to show some love to Mo' Mandala and support her new creative biz! We will be launching soon a blog giveaway!

How to participate:
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Rules of participation should be followed in order to enter the competition.

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