Into the wild at Vallée de Ferney

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hello lovely readers! So happy to be back to blogging and sharing my first post for 2017! It may seem a little silly posting nearly 2 months after the new year festivities but oh well, a long break was needed after 1 year of amazing, epic and treasured moments. 
During those 2 months I had time to cherish the adventures I was so grateful to live in 2016. Blogging made me discover local ladypreneurs (kudos to you ladies for working on your dreams) and the beauty of our island. I have also noted some ideas on how to develop Lovely Brunette, that is creating posts and making a positive impact, simply because we truly need it today! 

So let's roll that first post! An adventurous trip to Vallée de Ferney. Yes! For the first time (and a very very long time) I traded my flip flops and brunch plans to running shoes and a backpack. It was hot, and I was melting like ice in a mojito but the silence of nature and being surrounded by such a breathaking fauna was worth it.

Vallée de Ferney is a wildlife reserve situated in Grand Port (north of Mahébourg). You have a palette of activities to choose from. As it was our first try and we badly needed to be immersed in nature, we decided to take an unguided tour within the valley. We had a map and an emergency number, which I am proud to say we didn't use it! (the emergency number not the map!).

We climbed to the waterfall, a magnificent view where we halted and inhaled the natural splendor. The landscapes are preserved in such a beautiful way that we kept admiring the surroundings while we were walking. 

We then headed to the restaurant Falaise Rouge, where they served venison. It was the theme of the menu and I went for the roasted deer with mashed potatoes and chef's secret sauce. Delicious. Started with a fresh beer and finished with red wine, because it was Sunday!

I highly recommend you have a day at Vallée de Ferney. There is so much to discover and so much activities to experience such as the falcon feeding, the coffee museum, endemic plant nursery where you can actually bring one home or adopt a tree.

I loved how active and soothing that Sunday was and I can't wait to discover more addresses like this one and share it with you!  

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