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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hello lovely readers! I am glad to share with you this exclusive post about a new Creative Ladypreneur in Mauritius! Mia is the creative soul behind Handikaos. A fresh new brand that reflects her lifestyle and purpose. A beautiful collection of handcrafted jewelries and also trendy chokers will be unveiled throughout this interview!

Mia is a diamond in the rough. A persona with a hidden talent that is starting to bloom. I was humbled to meet this talented creature and happy to share with you her brand!

1. Handikaos is a unique name, how did you came up with this word for your brand and what does it stand for?

Firstly, "Handikaos" is my dream. To me, she is a persona. People who know me know the kind of endless chaos that I am, which is why I thought of naming this dream as a 'chaos made by hand'. The mere difference I think is that the chaos has been morphed to 'kaos', simply because I wanted a name corresponding my uniqueness!

2. How would you describe your style?

To be honest, there is no specific style that I follow! I make a lot of chokers and chains (of different kinds) and also bracelets again of different kinds! I think, as mainly, Tumblr is my inspiration, I probably have a Tumblr-ish style!

3. What is your favorite item in your collection?

Chokers - they have an exclusive power to simply change a person's look. It gives them like, an added elegance! And they are also very easy to make! I have also a crush on Brazilian bracelets - I never knew how to make these right! NEVER! It was mind-boggling to learn these! They always were irresistible to my eyes and eventually with the help of many many youtube videos, I learnt how to make them! There is simply something intriguing and artistic about how each and every knot forms an exclusive bracelet.

4. Where can we find your products

Well, for the moment, my products are available mainly on my Instagram and Facebook page.

5. What inspired you and motivated you to create your small business?

It has always been a dream since childhood! I loved wearing bracelets and chains. I used to play with beads a lot during my holidays and I made my first bracelet when I was 7 with the help of my elder cousin. It was in my mind since very long. This year, I befriended a girl, Anais, at tuition, who one day showed me charms! I was overexcited. I told her about my other creations and she gave me the idea of making the shop. I visited the two shops she had suggested me and ordered some goods online. That is how I began. What motivated me furthermore, along with the encouragement of my parents, was to prove to the "child within" that I am worthy of much more and I would not bend until I realised her dream.

6. Your advice to ladies out there who wishes to become an entrepreneur in Mauritius

Don't allow a single person to tell you that you CANNOT DO THIS OR THAT. Whatever you can or cannot do depends on your hand, your fingers, your heart and your mind and not upon the words of any 'Paul, Pierre & Jack!'. Don't let your ever-igniting fire to be dampened by their words! Don't even fear competition, it is nothing compared to your artistic abilities! Never forget the "GRL PWR" (meaning girl power)! One of my suppliers told me about how a disabled girl made her own high-quality Brazilian bracelets. This is a strong inspiration. Never allow any hurdle to discourage you!

7. Describe your average designer day

My average days start usually with reading a page or so of a story book. Then, after breakfast, I will surf on the net and choose something specific to create either out of my imagination or from the net and try to create it. If it is done, I would complete some orders and then, go in my garden to photograph my new creations. That is for the days that I am free and I do not have any tuition in the morning. If it is on a school day, it is when I get home that I complete my orders and during my free time that I create something new! I dont need to surf as much to be inspired. Usually, it is at the time of purchase of my supplies that I already imagine how to use them. And I neither like to completely recreate something that I have seen!

8. If you could define yourself in 1 word, what would it be?

"Kaotic" - I am a very messy person, to be honest. Even my hair is always messy - unless I tied it up in a bun!

9. Tell us a little more about you, the girl behind the brand Handikaos.

Uhm, quite ironically to what people have rather expected me to be, I am not an outgoing person - always messy again! I live a very simple life in a modest family in the North, and I am aged 17. Due to my parents' insistence, I have to stay anonymous until I am 18, but both of them support me completely for this cause - specially my mother! My life has gone on bumpy rides but I guess, art held me tight and helped me to cope - it could be painting, planting, writing poems and stories, dancing, yoga, embroidery or even beading and jewelry (actually making now!) I have an upmost respect for these!

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    1. Hi Samantha! Well I'm glad you discovered the blog! I you enjoy the curative content from Mauritius :)