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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last year, Porlwi by Light has created a foundation for our local community be defining a sense of belonging. This year, the message is being reinforced by celebrating its inhabitants, the people of our beautiful cultural heritage: Port-Louis.

Porlwi by Light is a collaboration of more than 250 artists and 1,500 people! A non-profit event that merges the unique partnership of the public and private sector. One of the goals of this creative collective is to be auto-financed for future projects. This is where the Porlwi Shop comes to life!

Set next to the emblematic Mauritius Postal Museum, The Porlwi Shop is an ode to the roots of the city. Where the architectural heritage blends with the contemporary culture. Within it's ancient stone walls and wooden pallet doors emerges the unique products created by Porlwi by Light. A collection of merchandising that will make you an ambassador of Porlwi! Purchasing those items will help the organization fund for future projects.

The Porlwi Shop is a gem! You will find the iconic t-shirts both for adults and children. Everything has been thought of: 3 colours for the 3 days of the festival! And more colourful choices for the kids! Lucky them! There are also the eco-friendly & re-usable cups that you can bring during the event so as to be an environmental conscious member at the festival.

One of my favourites that will be present in the PORLWI collection next week are the moleskine notepads! I can't wait to have my hands on them and scribble in it! If you love the quotes that you see along the underground tunnel of Le Caudan, well you can have them at home too! Artworks will also be featured so as decorate your walls with authentic Porlwi by Light quotes.

Cherry on top of the cake? The inevitable tote bag! A must for the festival to keep your camera, re-usable cup and a whole lot of memories! Porlwi by Light made us dream last year by celebrating our historical heritage and creating a community that are engaged in cultural actions.

I am ready to embrace this purposeful festival and walk around our beautiful city, discovering the 
brightening ancient architectures, feasting on our local street food with the smiles and happiness of people along the way. This time from a different perspective, with a tote bag and shirt that will say, I've participated, even in a little way, I've participated for this collective to come back for the coming years, stronger than ever. And you, are you ready to embrace this new journey?

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  1. Hi there...
    Do you know if they have got the notepads and how much it might cost?

  2. Hello lovely reader! The notepads are available for the new edition of Porlwi. You can grab yours now at Caudan Waterfront (Barkly Wharf Building next to the Bookcourt).