Unwind at Radisson Blu Azuri

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hello Lovely Readers! I know it's been long since my last post. There have been so much going on but here I am, back to sharing with you my sweetest weekend escape at Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa! 

If I say empanadas, lamb churrasco or gigantic beef skewers..does it ring a bell? Hello Brazil! People were all set to the launching of the Olympic Games, we were feet in the sand, mojito in hand and indulging in a culinary Brazilian feast to kick off the weekend! Yup, even sports is a good idea to have some chicken drumsticks around a beach bonfire!

The meat was succulent, the side dishes were delectable and even the chicken salad was savoury. Yes chicken salad! My all time favourite was the grilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon. Delicious. The red wine poured all night with the beats of Bossa Nova and salsa - the finest ingredients for a memorable dinner.

The theme of the dessert was 'Close to Heaven - All About Chocolate', or as I would like to call it, the grande finale! Brownies, truffles, macaroons and even the authentic Brazilian tuffles 'Brigadeiros'. My spoon could have actually sung Mas Que Nada all the way. 

Ended this night with an espresso promising ourselves we will have a light breakfast next morning. Well we were wrong! You can't say no to bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning right?

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny weather. After having our morning coffee and breakfast, we went to the pool, sipping fresh orange juice and talking about how we will plan our Sunday. ''Let's hit the gym - I'll have a hammam session - Do we have wine?'' Tough decisions for a farniente Sunday! 


Well we went back to our room, had our swimming suits on and relaxed in the private plunge pool. Pure Bliss.

A little thank you to the Management for sending us those sweet Brazilian chocolate truffles! Was delicious with the rosé and a beautiful way to end this culinary weekend! 


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    1. Indeed! Lovely place for a farniente weekend :)

  2. Your own private plunge pool??! Now, that is pure bliss. Love this post.