Note to Self Darlings: Relax

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hello lovely readers and happy Sunday! Sipping my coffee in bed right now and ready to share a sweet little Saturday I had with y'all! 

Today's post is all about letting it go. I had a rough patch lately which became a snowball down the mountain. Life happens and sometimes it has the beautiful knack to kick several times, when you least expect it. This is real talk. I was a to-do list in heels. I had everything planned from the minute I woke up - checking my email and looking (hoping) there were no urgent tasks and last minute work to be done on that day. From there I already had it clear in my mind - working till late, eating on my desk, choosing flats instead of heels as I knew it will be a hectic day. All this before I had my morning coffee.

The ugly truth? I had no clue it was becoming a bad habit. I felt productive, working girl that knew what she wanted and #girlboss ready to handle all the situations every single day. Until I became sick, a lovely cocktail of exhaustion and stress. Who was to blame? As ridiculous as it may sound, I was the only one to blame. Here is why: Your work is not stressful, the difficult situations that you go through is not an impossible hurdle to handle. It is your reaction towards it that determines your happiness at the end of the day. How do you cultivate this balance? By simply letting it go (Disney got it right).

Those 3 beautiful words should be your daily mantra. There is too much emphasis on productivity, hyper-efficiency not only at work but in our daily lives (those who had dinner in less than 10 mins so as not to miss a movie raise your hands up). I've embraced this thought while getting a relaxing massage at I Spa yesterday. A small step towards investing in me - body and soul and taking time just to relax, let it be and enjoying the simple things. Here is a thought that you should grab on to: Invest in your well-being.

We were warmly welcomed by the spa therapists and the scent of tropical essential oils was out of this world. Do not underestimate the simple pleasures of being in a comfy bathrobe and slippers! While being accompanied to the changing room, the Ispa therapist suggested me to go the hammam and get a swim in the pool. I told her I wasn't sure about the idea of swimming as the weather was unpredictable and cold (sometimes rain, sometimes cold breeze). With a smile, she just said - go there, get your feet in it. You need to try and make the most of it. Her enthusiasm had me and my man in the pool & the jacuzzi in 15mins. It was pure bliss!

We had an aroma-therapeutic massage of 75mins on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Sipped a refreshing ice tea after the massage and went back to the hammam to end the day. I left the spa with a clear mind, a relaxed body and a promise made to myself. Relax. It is ok to let it go. You do not have to be at your 100% every damn time.

What about you lovely readers? What will be your note to self? 


  1. To live in the moment. ♥
    Lovely post, those blue waters look very soothing.

  2. Thank you Urvashi for your comment :) Indeed we need to make the most of those little moments. The pool was cold but once you get in it, it is difficult to say goodbye to the jazuzzi ;)

  3. That's a lovely post... Really inspiring, thank you for this :)Glad you feel better.

  4. Hello Babusha! Thank you for your comment :) Glad to share some inspirations out there :)