Weekend Escape at Mystik Lifestyle Hotel

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Cheers to my first tropical escapade of 2016! A relaxing and much awaited weekend spent at Mystik Lifestyle Hotel. We arrived on Saturday evening and were warmly welcomed by the team with a refreshing drink. We headed to our rooms and changed into a 'life is better in a bikini' mode.
Yes it may sound crazy, but after a week of hard work and long office hours, we were all excited to start the weekend! The rooms are stylish, with touches of tropical colours and island decor. The chairs on the little terrace reminded me of my childhood (gosh I wished I kept thoseand DIY them into some boho chic furniture!).

In a jiffy, I took some pictures of the bedroom, grabbed my colourful beach towel, sunglasses and hat (the only moment where I was being quick in the weekend!) and made my way to the pool to make the most of the sunset. 
As I dipped my toes in the pool, all I could think was 'weekend, I love you'. Good beats from the bar, my favorite cocktail in hand, I had a little swim to get to the edge of the infinity pool, that gave an amazing view of Mont Choisy beach. I had the #36 Mojito and I was loyal to that delicious drink through my entire stay. 

Mystik Lifestyle Hotel is cosy place where you feel at home. Small, intimate and modern, roaming around the hotel is exquisite as there are different relaxation corners - Yes I have to admit, I dove in the bean bags when I saw them! We had our happy hour at the lounge, which gave this breathtaking view of the coast. As we were getting ready for dinner, I was already thinking about my Monday morning. Time was running too fast!

Dinner was inviting on the plate and appetizing in taste.. I went for the #36 signature burger (local boar burger served with caramelised onions and trilogy of chips). My plate was 
impeccably clean after dinner. Tender and grilled to perfection, I would definitely have a ride back to #36 restaurant for dinner sometime. Bae had a Snap it Up (Gold Snapper fillet, poached in banana leaf, with orange rum sauce and ‘combava’ cream) and friends went for the steak and sambucca flamed prawns. A lovely meal for a lovely weekend.

Mystik also have this 'joie de vivre' vibe, a place for events and sweet happenings. That was the case on Sunday. We had a pool party! Pink umbrellas up, cocktails out, we were ready for a not so quiet Sunday, but we had an amazing time. The smell of coffee and sound of the sea was a treat to our ears. Bless those Sundays where American breakfast and beach meet! Note to self: It is also good to leave the beach book on the table for a while and grab a cocktail instead. The perfect balance to end a weekend!

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