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Friday, May 13, 2016

Hello lovely readers! Featuring on the blog today is a rather unique, out of the path post! I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Davide, a fun Italian guy who decided to create a travel agency with his friends...right after his trip to Mauritius! Tell Me Travels is about discovering Mauritius and exploring the island through culture, getting out of your comfort zone and making the most of island life.

You may be thinking how Tell Me Travels could be connected to Lovely Brunette, well this initiative about exploring the island (getting out of the usual postcard beach picture) has inspired me. A wake up call and a motivation to keep discovering Mauritius and getting to know what makes it so beautiful. Spending time discovering your own native land can be uplifting and I cannot wait to actually swim in waterfalls, hike on our breathtaking mountains or visit our natural heritage.

I am happy to share with you the interview about the inspirations and motives of Davide! A beautiful story about how you can make your business bloom from your own experiences.

1. Tell Me Travels is a rather unique name for a travel agency. How did you come up with this name?

Ha, thanks! Well because we got the opportunity to know the Island so well, we used to have people calling us to ask for advice and to organize small trips all the time. I was so busy that instead of hello, my greeting on the phone became ‘tell me tell me’, it kind of stuck and now we operate as Tell Me Travels. 

2. Why chose exclusively Mauritius as a destination for your agency?

It changed our lives and we want to share the experience with as many people as possible. Mauritius has had a bit of a stereotype of being a country for the rich, the old or the honeymooners, but there’s so much more. Aside from the amazing beaches, it’s filled with adrenaline, adventure and a rich culture that, like a good book, always leaves you wanting more.

3. Who is the team behind Tell Me Travels?

There are four of us that currently make up Tell Me Travels. Myself, from Italy, Faisal (UK), Andrew (Canada) and Nadeem (Mauritius) as well as all of the local businesses and NGO’s we work with. We all met in 2014 in Mauritius and after leaving, all we could talk about was how much of an impact it had on our lives. So after countless calls, e-mails and Skype sessions we are ready to show people a country that’ll surely change their lives. 

4. What has attracted you the most about our island?

There’s something about Mauritius that changes you. Mark Twain once said that Heaven was copied after Mauritius and I’m inclined to agree with him. Every creed and religion lives in peace, the scenery is utterly stunning, and you have the second cleanest air in the World! That gives you permission to be completely free. 

5. What has been one of your most favorite 'out of the comfort zone' adventure in Mauritius?

Renting a scooter and getting lost driving in small villages all around the island, completely far away from the touristy areas, to taste and live the real Mauritian culture. It is an experience I would recommend to anyone coming on one of our trips.

6. What kind of traveler would you describe yourself (backpacker, long term traveller, solo traveler) and why?

I think the best way to describe myself would be as a long-term traveller. I think it’s so important to see, and take in as much of a place as possible. For me, to travel is to experience all the tastes, smells, sights and sounds on offer and to totally immerse yourself in the local culture. 

7. Share with us a funny story or experience you had in Mauritius

One day we decided to do a surprise and bring everyone out for an unlimited pizza night. When they serve you the pizza -as an Italian I would say the pizza is pretty good at this restaurant- they also give you some chili and garlic along with it. So one of our friends challenged Andrew (co-founder and chili lover) to eat as much chili as they could, and of course, he accepted! Words can’t describe how much chili these two guys ate that night, and how red their faces were! I was honestly scared they would have some problems after doing that. And indeed that’s what happened! After that challenge, our poor Andrew had stomach problems for one week!

8. Do you have a bucket list for Mauritius? If yes, state 3 of them

Hmmm, that's a difficult one! Well on my personal bucket list has to be: 
Swimming with wild dolphins.
Chasing the sun on a scooter
Trying all the possible food the island has to offer :)

9. What are the steps to follow to book a tour with Tell Me Travels?

It’s easy, just go to our website and pick the package that most suits you. Or, if you’re looking for something a little different, email us and we can arrange something special for you. Then go to the book now page and secure your spot with a $200usd deposit and full payment 8 weeks before departure, and that’s it. We’ll personally get in touch with you and assist with anything you may need before you start your adventure. 

10. Describe a typical tour with Tell Me Travels

Our tours are wide ranging that it would be hard to describe every one, but you can expect most days to start with us gathering all of our travellers in front of the meeting point. Then we’ll get some food and water for the day out. Once the driver arrives and picks us up it’s time to have fun in our party bus while travelling to our destination! Once arrived we make sure everything's running smoothly; we are always going to be side by side with our travellers. We are adventurers first, and we want to make sure everybody is having the best time possible! When the tour ends, and it is time go back home, everybody is usually so tired they fall asleep on the way home. After that it’s time for our daily coconut and sunset on the beach next to our accommodation before the sun goes down and the party heats up!

Quick Questions!

Your favorite beach in Mauritius:
Mont Choisy beach without any doubt!

Tropical cocktail or coconut water?
Coconut water

Port-Louis or Grand-Baie?

Grand Baie

Rather be in flip flops on the beach or in hiking shoes on the mountain?

It’s Mauritius, we can do both on the same day ;) 

Tell us something in Creole!


I do hope that this blog post inspired you or even helped you re-discover the beauty of our island. Follow Tell Me Travels on their terrific journey on instagram @tellmetravels :)


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