Pereybere take me there

Sunday, April 10, 2016

This weekend was full of coconut oil, sunshine, fresh beer and salty hair! Finally I enjoyed a day at my favorite beach, Pereybere. This is a spot that is dear to my heart. My grandparents taught me how to swim there, and I share happy childhood memories which will last forever.

Not to mention, when we arrived on the beach - I went straight for a swim! Those waves felt so good and I just let myself float. Total bliss! I may sound like a junkie here, but those are the thoughts of an islander who didn't have her toes soaked in the sand for more than 6 months!

We had a good swim, there were big waves and sun was high up. Thanks to the beach umbrella we were protected against the summer love! Making the most of a local beach weekend, we had lunch in a beach restaurant, called Pereybere Cafe. How can you resist authentic fried rice or fried noodles or event coconut water? 

A promise I made to myself, I will head to the beach as often as I can. This weekend just taught me that you need to let yourself go, let your mind run free and relax with a cure of vitamin sea. Do you have a favorite beach in Mauritius? Or a special spot to refuel in good vibes? Share with us!


  1. Ah, this is also a very special spot for me. I have fond memories of that beach. I believe it's one of the most beautiful ones in Mauritius (I might be biased here heheh). You're absolutely right to make it a regular thing of getting your vitamin SEA dose. It's so important for the soul (and body & mind too). I couldn't fathom being away from the ocean/beach side for more than a day!! I'm at the ocean every single day, otherwise I get miserable! One thing that shocks me is the cost of eating out - horrifying prices these are in my opinion. :O

  2. Yes indeed, but I'm also thinking of discovering other beaches, I never had a swim at Pointe d'Esny so I may be unfaithful to Pereybere for some weekends! And you are right Bea about the cost of eating out, it is quite expensive here on the island, but another reason to explore new dining outs!

  3. I loved reading this! Pereybere beach has been my favorite go-to spots for years. My family and I absolutely love the aesthetic and the overall warm feeling that it brings. It is truly a happy and magical place that I always recommend to anyone looking to get that once and lifetime beach experience. Beautiful pictures! The local food is to die for!

    Crystal Carson @ TackyJacks