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Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Pop Up Store is where creativity, generosity and retail meets. A fusion of talent, passion and good vibes from both artists and founder of this unique initiative, Elizabeth. You may have already heard of this concept in Mauritius, her past editions was a true success and this made the 11th edition being one of the most anticipated event on the island! 

On the launching date, it was clear for everyone, My Pop Up Store was bigger, better and captivating. We sat down on the stairways for a little chat about her business, motivation and experiences.

Sprite in one hand, passion in the other, Elizabeth unveils what is behind the pop up store!

She has more than one string to her bow. Before launching her career in visual merchandising, Elizabeth had her own crafty brand: Bab and the Queen - a collection of handmade bags and clutches. My Pop Up store actually bloomed from the fact that there were no ideal places in Mauritius to showcase and sell products of the little entrepreneur. She reflects this beautiful quote that is in the shop right now: you cannot control the wind, but you can adjust your sails. Not only did she adjusted her sails, but she took a whole bunch of creatives with her for this beautiful journey, that has been going on for 4 years now.

So why is this store so unique and addictive? Well, It can literally, pop in the 4 corners of the island! A new theme, a new address, the same purpose - Support our local artists and craftsmanship. With this ephemera concept, artisans can display their products to a wider audience. It encourages the new entrepreneur and also, boosts the local economy with the 'Made in Mauritius' label. Today the store proudly displays 42 labels.

Before inviting you to discover the launching of My Pop Up Store, I would like to share the heartfelt inspirations of Babel. Her support is her family, or as she lovingly says: 'My man, my child. I am doing this so that one day, my kid will say, I am proud of you mummy'. Babeth is devoted to her passion and so is her entourage and her team. A token of love and generosity that will surely make this journey valuable and cherished, not only for her but also for the Mauritian public and our local artists.

Never miss My Pop Up Store updates! Join the group on facebook to follow the event and behind of the scene images! Exceptionally, the store will be opened for 2 months! From 26th March to 31st May 2016! A little surprise will be revealed! A lovely evening will be planned to end the 11th edition! Live music, sweet gathering and memorable ambiance not to be missed!

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