Pineapple DIY Tote Bag

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello darlings! We are getting a little crafty this week! I have this lovely pineapple graphic shirt that is all worn out (thanks to my playful dogs who made little holes in it!). I love this tee and I couldn't see it as a new chiffon added to my kitchen's collection.

Giving it a thought, I had the easy option to turn it into a cushion or a tote bag! Guess what, I have a new tropical tote! Created in 10 minutes without sewing! All you need is a good pair of scissors and a shirt.

This is very easy to make, and am actually thinking of buying fun shirts just to turn them up in lovely totes! First, place your shirt straight and cut of the sleeves. Take your time and follow the stitches.

Then repeat the same step by removing the collar, you can cut it deep or short, depending on how you wear your tote. Your shirt should look like this - I know it can be very good-looking as a tank top too, but that's not what we want! Stay focus!

Now we get a little nasty! Cut up the strips on the bottom of your shirt on both sides. Keep it well aligned, with enough space between each strips. Turn your tee inside out and start knotting!

Knot the strips together, I would recommend you knot twice and hard to keep it secured. Turn back your shirt et voila! Your new DIY tote bag is ready for a stroll! 
I hope you liked my DIY tote bag! It is handy, strong and as lovable as the tee! Yes to recycle and re-use!



  1. Wow, that's awesome! Love it. ♥
    Easily and beautifully made.
    I would never know it was a T-shirt if I saw only the bag first.


    1. Hello Mevina! Glad you love this post :) I've tried with the groceries today and I had no problem with it! As strong and stable as any tote bags!