Sunday Beach Lunch at Les Canisses

Monday, February 22, 2016

Tucked amongst palm trees and tropical surroundings, Les Canisses provides a unique setting for those seeking a private lunch en tête-à-tête with the beautiful beach of Grand Baie. 
We decided to have beach escape, just to refuel in vitamin sea for the upcoming week. The sun was up, the sound of the waves hitting the shore was a peaceful and relaxing tune that I was craving to hear!

Without any second thoughts, I made my way to the tables that had this magnificent view of the bay. The moment I sat down, I said to myself, this is indeed a Happy Sunday. We were warmly welcomed by the waiter, and went for some tropical cocktails to freshen up! Mojitos I love you!

Keeping my 2016 resolution at heart, I chose The Canisses Salad, a crunchy and savory plate, colourful, vibrant and delicious. Hubby went for a seafood gratin which was also appetizing. Les Canisses is an ideal place to relax, have a lazy Sunday lunch and make the best of the soothing sound of the beach. 


  1. Bonjour, Un coucou de la réunion ! Votre blog est juste génial !

    1. Hello de Maurice! Merci beaucoup :) Heureuse d'avoir une lectrice de l'île soeur!