Hello 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

''A word can be embraced as a mantra, a meditation, a reminder, a promise.''

Hello lovelies! It is great to be back on the blog after a well deserved break! Now the Christmas turkey is down and that the festivities are over, we are embracing a new year, a new chapter. I have 1 question that I would like to ask you. How many have actually been asked what was their New Year's Resolution?

Quite catchy isn't it? Some have a bucket list, others stick to 3 lady resolutions, that is Love, Diet & Friends. But let me tell you something about resolutions. We may never stick to it!

So how can you possibly embrace a new year and attain your goals throughout those 365 days? Well lovelies, look no more! What is trending right now, is finding a word. Yes, only 1 word which enfolds your mindset, attitude and which will guide you everyday. 

Finding a word, that describes how you will feel and act about this upcoming year is a fun and challenging journey! Flip through magazines, books, or surf on the web to find it. It can also be a word driven from your favorite quote, that represents who you are. Unlike resolutions, a single word can be more encouraging, as it is a note of positivity that will help you focus, for your year.

My word for 2016 is Celebrate. To celebrate the goals attained, to celebrate cherished moments with family and friends, celebrate the beautiful opportunities that my blog has to offer. To simply celebrate life, every step of the way. 

Do you have your 2016 word? Share with us!

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