Tropical Shades with SWING

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Good Morning Sunshine!

I am happy to share with you my last blog collaboration of 2015! As the sun sets down on a year full of projects, #girlboss acquaintances and unique island discoveries, I have to admit, that I feel nostalgic and grateful. I started the blog with the idea of showing the beauty of Mauritius, never would l have known that the journey of Lovely Brunette would have bought me so far. 

I feel humble getting to know the local ladypreneurs, authentic designs #madeinmoris and having a beautiful community blooming each day. Thank you lovelies!

Now it is time to literally SWING on the latest discovery! You are going to fall for it as much as I did! Tropical shades, voguish designs, quirky frames and rose-tinted eye-wears that will give a new meaning to 'La vie en rose'. Ladies, what is the must-have accessory to rock this summer as an island girl? Sunglasses!

Delectable for the eyes, you will find your perfect design for summer! SWING is a Turkish brand that has landed on our island. Why is it different from other sunglasses? Well they are actually unique! They suit all styles, from aviators, retro looks, classy cat eyes and even wanderlust enthusiasts! Thanks to Jeff Patel who added his design touch to the whole process! How can the brand become more lovable? The products are unisex. The frames suits both men and women, so be sure to hold on to your sunnies. 

We never have enough of sunglasses. Personally I have 2 frames, one elegant cat eye for work and one retro look for the weekend. Well thanks to SWING, I am now the happy owner of a new bright plum colour frame with wild patterns. Got my roar fashion statement for 2016!

The idea of SWING is to bring fashion eye-wear at an affordable price, without neglecting the quality. A bright vision indeed! All the frames are at Rs 2,500. If you are not convinced yet, here are the 5 reasons why you should adopt the SWING trend, follow the tribe!

Visit their website on or hit the like button on their facebook page!

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