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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Shoulder bags, totes, tropical clutches, bag organizers..does that ring a bell to you ladies? Well search no more! Today is a premiere on the blog! A beautiful and fun collaboration with Zolizil! Exclusive pictures of the best sellers, inspiring interview and unique tips from the ladypreneur of Zolizil! So Bagilicious!

A Tale of Bags

Based in Mauritius, Gertrude began her journey in sewing since she was a kid. Her childhood memories were full of fabrics, crafts and stitches. I was amazingly surprised by the way she expressed herself about her brand, you could feel right from the start, that it came from the heart. 'Creativity runs in the family', she said laughing! Her daughter has also developed her business, back in the days, she learned everything by watching her mum work at home. Isn't that a beautiful inspiration? I dearly hope that this legacy will go on to her grand children.

Unpacking the Brand - The Interview

1. How did you find your name 'Zolizil' for your business?

I wanted my brand to reflect my inspiration, that is why I have chose Zolizil, which means ''beautiful island'' in Creole. I love the islander life, going to the beach, sunbathing, and collecting sea shells. Most of  my products reflects this tropical attitude, full of patterns and bright colours!

2. How would you describe your style?

I have one word that comes to my mind, tropical. I have definitely a tropical style! The beautiful colours, the mix of fauna and flora in my style and products reflects my personality. It is like a little bit of paradise that I share everyday with my clients.

3. What is your most favorite item in your collection?

The Bag Organizer. It is unique to Zolizil and it is actually my brand signature. Admit it ladies, we all have a little chaos in our bags! I came up with the idea of having a little bag organizer that is placed in our bag, keeping everything handy and available. It is helpful, discrete and feminine.

4. Where can we find Zolizil?

During the weekends, I am at Cascavelle and Jumbo Phoenix. I set up my products for exclusive exhibition sales, very laid-back and relax. You can have your drink while choosing your favorite zolizil item, after all it is the weekend! I have also my official page on facebook, and I deliver depending on the client's demand. We have our e-shopping page, you can find us on zolizil.inthemood.mu. Recently we have been approached by shops, where we could place our products. Coming soon!

5. What inspires you to create those lovely handmade products?

I have decided to do something different. I personally love organization, fashion and I am passionate about fabrics. Playing with textures and patterns is my ''zoli routine''. Even as a kid, I always payed attention to the materials and products . That was my inner calling. I also feel responsible as an entrepreneur, and decided to create a collection of ecological tote bags. On the long run, most of the fabrics used will be ecological. I love creating and getting in touch with my clients, they always tell me that I have the eye for aesthetics, and that motivates me more.

6. Your advice/tips to women out there who wishes to become an entrepreneur in Mauritius

Ladies, do something you love, whatever feels good to you will be greater if you achieve it. Go slowly but surely, do not rush the process, follow your own pace and you will be successful before you know it. Finally, do not underestimate good communication. Talking to clients, sending offers, posting on facebook, they should all have 1 voice. Your brand voice.

7. Describe your average designer day

Actually my life is not as organized as my bag organizers! Zolizil has been boosted up those last months, thanks to happy clients! I am busy all day with the creation of products and I feel like a juggler, juggling with all the requests. At the end of the day, my inspirations and my love for the work makes it a beautiful day. Because, when it comes from the heart, it is all worth it.

8. If you could define yourself 1 word, what would it be?

Creative :)

About the Zoli Collection

Meeting this gorgeous lady was a beautiful experience. She is authentic, genuine and had indeed a creative soul. She always moves forward and look for new ideas to level up her brand. I am happy to share with you the exclusive pictures of Zolizil at Cascavelle, it was an amazing day. I got back home with a bag full of gratefulness and zoli memories. Thank you Gertrude!

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