Happiness is coffee around the corner

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mugs out, nespresso capsules tucked in, the delicious coffee aroma in the morning..yes the coffee station is open! This weekend was dedicated for the decoration of my new coffee corner. I am a passionate of grand cru, and I decided to create a little coffee corner for my early mornings to start the day on the right foot, and in the afternoon to sleep on the left..foot!

The decoration is zen, clear with coastal colours. You will see throughout the blog that I L.O.V.E turquoise, blue hues as it reminds me of the beach! The newbie to the room is, what I like to call, the coastie cabinet, as the ropes and wood texture makes it so nautical!

Do you have a coffee corner or a private/cosy spot in your room dedicated to your passion or hobby? Share with us!

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