Unleash your self doubts

Monday, November 02, 2015

Hello lovely readers! I hope you had a nice weekend, in Mauritius we are still in snuggle mode as today is a public holiday! I've decided to talk about a topic that is dear to me: Self doubts. They were my life-long companions at home, work, in daily life, and it is still the case during hard times. The creation of Lovely Brunette took more than 1 year due to this little voice in my head saying ''It won't work'' or ''What's the point?'' and the best one ''You are going to fail before even starting''. I literally thought of 1,000 problems that could occur, but at the end, it never actually happened. 

My ideas wanted to bloom, my thoughts wanted to be heard and I personally wanted to blog about Mauritius, celebrate the beauty of sharing and creating a creative feminine community. Today, deep inside I trust my inner voice (the good one) that tells me: Screw that! Do what makes you happy! She was silent for a while, and now all I can hear is her. We all have our inner voices that makes us feel that we are on the right path. We just need to switch off and pay more attention to it.

Here are from my personal experiences, 3 steps to unleash your self doubts:

1. Change your self-doubts into self-worth.

Turn your fear upside down. Change all your negative questions to positive ones. Literally, throw your self doubts in a confident and positive bubble! ''What If can't make it'' becomes ''What if I succeed''. Focus on your strengths each step of the way, it is only a matter of perception. If you perceive your weaknesses and focus only on them, they will nourish your doubts and scare you off. Just remind yourself why you started, the shivers you got when you had an idea..

2. Acknowledge is they key.

Self doubts are there for a reason. They keep us grounded. We are all capable of great things, we can all leave a bunch of confetti at every footstep we take towards our goal, but if we are not reminded to be grateful, keep our foot to the ground, we may lose the essence of who we really are. Value the presence of the self-doubt, and tell that particular voice: ''Its ok, I can handle it but thank you for reminding me''.

3. Believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself a little more everyday. Visualize the best version of you and stick to that positive image. If words like obstacle, barrier, cannot, fear are playing over and over in your head, change your tune. Get some good vibes and make your music be your voice. You will see that there are valued listeners out there who are tuned up to the same music.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Self doubt is probably the biggest barrier to creativity. You raised some interesting points here :)

  2. Thank you for your comment Soudha, highly appreciated as this post was about my personal experience. You are right, self doubts are the biggest barrier to creativity. The good point about it, is that it is created from our own imagination, therefore we can take the lead on those particular thoughts :)