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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hello lovely readers!

Today we are getting handy and sticky with the creative and fun steps towards creating a vision board! Yay! Having a vision board is important, it is a visual canvas that reflects everything you wish and thrive for in life. There can be a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g pinned on your vision board, from traveling pictures to quotes that motivates you every morning, literally everything that comes to your mind and that you would want to achieve. 

Before getting all bonkers about the idea of collage and looking for quotes to place on your board, it is important to stick (no pun intended) to the 3 golden rules of the vision board. I started creating vision boards 2 years ago, each one representing the goals I would like to achieve in 1 year. I realized that there were better ways to manifest your visions through those rules. Do not worry, nothing theoretical about the alignment of planets! Just 3 simple tips to make your vision board work!

1. Make it clear.

You want your vision board to be clear, neat and visually meaningful. Having a canvas with pictures stuck all over the place, not being able to read or understand why it was originally placed there would eventually not work for you. Pictures and words should be striking and understandable at first sight.

2. Make it visible.

You should place your vision board where you can see it everyday. You should be reminded of your goals constantly and that would eventually not work if you put it back in the drawer after 1 week! Place your vision board on the wall of your room, next to your mirror, on your work-space, anywhere that will grab your attention. Have it with you all the time, set it as a wallpaper to your phone, as your desktop background. In other words, keep your goals constantly in front of you.

3. Make it editable.

Yes you heard me (or read me!) Make your vision board editable. You may add, pin, stick additional pictures of your goals to your board throughout the year. It is ideal to be ''free'' and adapt your visions depending on your wild thoughts! This is really your little piece of art, it will evolve, you may want to add more goals or unpin those achieved.

Here is a glimpse of my vision board, got myself a white canvas that can be placed on my wall. It mostly features my goals, reminders of where I wish to go and personal projects I would like to achieve.

Share the love! Will be glad to have a peek at your new vision board!

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  1. OH MY WORD! I have been wanting to create a vision board for years and years but never actually got round to doing it. I guess it's because I didn't know about the golden rules and my brain and ideas were all over the place. This is helpful and I am going to attempt (once again) to creating one.