Turning 26

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Yes! It was a lovely birthday for the brunette last weekend! There is so much to be thankful for, another year of adventures, experiences, laughs, cries and lifetime memories. Even though celebrating 26 is not as amazing as turning 25 (like hello I was a quarter of a century old!) It is still a day to celebrate, so cheers to another year, a new journey!

During those days I got some ''Phoebe Buffay vibes'' on, remember this episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe came with this crazy to-do-list before turning 31? Well that was it for me. Even though my 25 was beautiful and quite inspiring, I felt that it just went by so quickly. What if I had a plan to stick to and make the things I wanted..happen?

So yes, this will be my 1 year plan, a check list that I will tick off, hopefully before turning 27. I dropped down some ideas already and thought the best way to name this life project would be ''The 27 Things''. I will be glad to share with you my list in the coming days...

If you had the opportunity to create a check list before your next birthday or even a life bucket list, what would it be about?

Illustration by Lovely Brunette


  1. Happy Birthday ^^ I've done a similar checklist thing, and it's been fun working my way through it. On my bucket list though I'm always adding new things XD One thing I really want to do soon from my list though is go on an all-girls trip to the French countryside with my sister.

  2. Hi darl! Thank you for your wishes! Wow traveling is part of my list too, would love to go back to Bali or visit a new country. Thank you for sharing your to-do list, hope that you will get to eat those legendary french croissants before your next birthday! Making such list is definitely exhilarating :)