My Pop Up Store

Friday, October 09, 2015

Founded by 2 gorgeous ladypreneurs, My Pop Up Store is a journey to the crafty senses! A beautiful innovative and creative force to be reckoned with. I had the opportunity to visit 2 of their pop up stores and what came to my mind was: Oh la la!

The store is ephemeral, and literally pops up in different places of Mauritius. It showcases various local artists, designers and crafters who are truly gifted. The items are so beautifully displayed, each designer has it own universe and it is communicated through fine organization and visual staging. 

You will be sure to leave the pop up store with a handbag full of design goodies! If it's the first time you visit the store, don't worry if you hear in your mind Coldplay singing ''para para..paradise''! My advise, come back the next day so you can actually concentrate and buy your goodies.

I have got some pretty little things from my last visits, and am ready to head to the next edition which will be devoted to Christmas! Isn't it amazing? Having local handmade gifts for your friends and family? Until the butterfly flaps its wings to a new destination for the edition, let me share with you my ''coup de coeur'' from the pop up store.

Click here for the bundle of happiness:


  1. I need tht mug and that littlw trousse!!! Awesome post xxx

  2. I need tht mug and that littlw trousse!!! Awesome post xxx

  3. Hahaha! Glad you like them! They are both from local designers :) The mug was created by Ephemere, here is the link to their facebook page: and the trousse is by MeliMelo xoxo