Have a sip, have a detox!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Detox water, or how we like to call it, the infused water! Ravishing, fresh and they can also turn into tropical cocktails in the weekends! They are beautiful on the outside and makes you feel good in the inside. 

You may have noticed on social media the gorgeous pictures of those feminine drinks! Before starting your own detox routine, here are some good things to keep in mind.

1. Choose wisely
There are several recipes for detox water out there! Boosting stamina, stress reducer drinks or for bright and healthier skin. Choose your detox water wisely depending on your needs and also the ingredients used.

2. Stay loyal
Once you have chosen your detox water, be loyal to it everyday! In the beginning it may be hard to stick to it but once you got the pace, follow it. Plan before hand the ingredients and water so you already have it home, ready to be prepared. It takes only 5 minutes of preparation, that is why we love it so much!

3. Redefine your diet
Drinking your infused water comes with healthy benefits, but if you eat a cheesy lasagna for lunch after your morning routine, don't be surprised that there are no changes after 2 weeks! Having this routine in your life is a way to control and balance your diet and that is all we wish right? Having a healthy and balanced life!

I have decided to start the Flat Tummy Detox. Actually I have started 2 months back, and skipped the 2nd step above and made no difference in the end (naughty me). As November is at the doorstep, I thought to myself, go girl! Grab your cucumbers and rock this detox. Here are the ingredients if you wish to have the same detox!

- Lemon (1)
- English Cucumber (1/2)
- Grated Ginger
- Mint Leaves

I personally prefer stacking the ingredients like that, ginger first then lemon, cucumber and top up with the mint leaves.

Ready to sip!

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