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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hello lovely readers! The Lovely Tips are back and I am excited to launch it through ''The Creative Ladypreneur''. My Lovely Tips will be on how to boost your business, in terms of branding, design and how you can best represent yourself in different media channels! Hope you get visually inspired and feel free to comment!

Instagram is an amazing photo app that helps to share our daily discoveries. From sharing, we create a community of followers, that has the same visual voice as we do. But before sharing our pictures, we have some steps to go, taking the right picture that is #instacceptable (you immediately feel the pressure when you see those awesome pictures online!) Then you need to find the right filter, oh boy! Should I keep it natural, give a blue tint, sepia or maybe some blurry effects? Finally you need to post, and there is a little tornado of words rolling in your mind about what hashtags should be used. 

Well stop the rolling! Time to get local for our Mauritian Instagrammers! Wonder what hashtags works best on the social media? This list will help you gain instant likes and why not, new followers! Those hashtags listed below are  about Mauritius and trending topics, that works perfectly on any pictures. Give it a try and see the difference!

#mauritius     #mauritiusisland     #mauritius 2015     #mauritius_explored     #island     #islandlife     #beachlife     #islander     #sun     #igersmauritius

Generic     #instagood     #instadaily     #goodvibes     #beachvibes     #happy     #bestoftheday     #igdaily     #instagramhub     #instalove

#thehappynow     #ABMlifeisweet     #ABMhappyhour     #petitejoys     #livethelittlethings #keepitwild     #liveauthentic

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  2. Thanks for the tips Lovely Brunette!
    And nice blog by the way! xxx

    1. Always happy to share some tips, glad you liked them! Thank you for your sweet feedback :)