The Bachelorette Party

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This was one of the best weekend of my life! My best friend got married last year and we had her bachelorette weekend in the north of the island. It was amazing, from the planning of the event, decorations, surprises and gifts, it was memorable and so lovely. It still gives me butterflies when I am thinking about it, and am glad to share with you some tips on to plan a bachelorette weekend or party in Mauritius!

1. The Invitation

First things first, discuss with the bride-to-be about the invitation list. It is her day after all and she will want to be with her besties, as crazy and wild as they can be! Once the guest list confirmed, send the save the dates to  inform the party animals that they should keep this date for the bachelorette.

2. The Besties

I had the honour to plan her bachelorette, but be sure to make everyone participate in the preparations! Here is an idea, create a private facebook group and add the guests in it. Share all the ideas,, from nasty gifts, drink games, dress codes, everything! It sauces up things before the D-DAY and its also awesome to share the pictures of the bachelorette party after!

3. Make it Unique

Each bachelorette is unique as it reflects the personality of the bride! Make this distinctive and brand the party! Do you research to personalize the event, I created her logo which was placed on menus, games, even car flags during our journey to the North of Mauritius!

4. The Location

We chose 'Le Off' to begin the weekend. It was amazing. I got in contact with the manager and he was great in creating the menus in a bachelorette way (check the picture of the dessert!) and nothing was too much of a hassle. It is a great place to party as they have a bar, private lounge style for the restaurant and the pool was definitely a WOW factor. Highly recommended!

Finally, do not forget to take pictures, lot of pictures! It is once in a lifetime event, specially when it's your best friend so make the most of it and have fun!


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  3. Its funny that you mention to "take a lot of pics," for my own bachelorette we completely forgot. I literally have two good pictures of that night and a handful of blurry or offguard pics, haha. Taking notes for my sister's upcoming fling. Thanks for the article!

  4. Great post and party! You're my inspiration. I'm just planning a friend's bachelorette party :)