Lovely Tips: Winter Morning Routine

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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Shivers, cold feet, chilly bedroom...yes ladies, the winter is officially here in Mauritius! Here are 4 lovely tips on how to create your morning routine and wake up smoothly to start your day!

1. Wake up 15 - 20 min earlier

I've seen your eyes roll out! You may say to yourself right now: 'No way am waking up before my scheduled alarm rings'! It is important to take your time during the morning, not rushing to the bathroom and through your wardrobe whilst brushing your teeth! Those morning hours are meant to be 'me time'. You will be much more serene when leaving home!

Those precious feet needs to be well taken care of during the night! Get comfy and get cosy girl, arm yourself with long socks, yoga pants and a good shirt. Getting out of bed will be much more easier and you won't feel like Dicaprio trying to get out of the icy titanic waters!

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3. Summer Shower

Add some beach scents and summer feel to your morning scrub! Papaya, mango, coconut..the choice is yours! The tropical smell wakes you up instantly and it is so relaxing at the same time!

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4. Good Morning Hottie

Grab your hot drink! Coffee, tea or even hot chocolate, indulge yourself with your favorite drink while checking your instagram feed, listening to the radio or even flipping through a magazine. This is where those 15-20 mins will make the difference!

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